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Celebs speak about fuel crisis

Fuel shortage in Ghana since last week is getting a lot of Ghanaians irritated as many motorists have packed their vehicles while others engage in public fights at pump stations.
NEWS-ONE surfed social network Twitter to check what some of the country’s celebs have to say about the situation.

Israel Laryea ?(@Izraella)

Israel Laryea

Israel Laryea, onetime TV news anchor and journalist at Multimedia tweeted on Sunday:  “Churches half-full, with implications for offertories as #Ghana fuel shortage keeps worshippers away. #pastorsabr3 #icgc.”


Amanda Jissih (@AmandaJissih) 

Amanda Jissih

Host of GhOne’s E-Talk Amanda Jissih said: “So they join queues far away from Accra ..buy gallons and sell twice the price. People are hoarding fuel home? I smell fire outbreaks. Herh Ghana.”


Jay Foley (@jayfoley2131)

Jay Foley

Jay Foley posted on twitter for listeners of YFM asking:  “What do u think Ghana must do immediately to salvage our no fuel no water no electricity bad roads etc.? On air now @Y107FM.”


Kwaku Sintim-Misa ?(@KSM_Kwaku_Misa)


Comedian and TV icon Kwaku Sintim-Misa could not keep quiet about the situation. He also posted a comment: “Ghana struck OIL – and the fuel shortage begun. Gotta love GH!!”


Kafui Dey ?@KafuiDey

Kafui Dey

Kafui Dey, host of the rested Who Wants To Be Rich, also had something to say about fuel shortage: “What if the bulk distribution companies also ask for #CASH before releasing the fuel stocks? #Ghana #fuelshortage.”

Yvonne Nelson @yvonnenelsongh

Yvonne Nelson

Popular actress Yvonne Nelson tweeted: “What is happening to GHANA? Why? A country where everyone is afraid to speak. ….What you allow is what will continue. I rest my case. After all nobody cares! #GH”


Chase Forever (@chaseforever)  


R&B sensation Chase Forever also tweeted a photo of people queuing for petrol at East Legon saying: “From petrol to Gold #nowghana East Legon.”


E.L (@ELrepGH) 


Rapper EL on Saturday tweeted: “Floods, Economic turmoil, No Electricity, No water, No Petrol, Rugged Roads, Ousted National Team, Welcome to Ghana.”

Source: news1ghana.com
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