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Kafui Danku many awards in June

Multiple award winning actress cum film producer, Kafui Danku in the month of June 2014, seems to be getting her groove on as she won two out of three awards she was nominated in.

She won Best Supporting Actress of the Year (Ghana) at the City People Entertainment Awards in Lagos on Sunday, June 22, 2014 and was honoured with the ‘Entertainment Person of the Year award at All Africa Media Networks Awards in Accra, Ghana on the 28th of June, 2014.

Though her movie "Devil in a Dress" was nominated in the Best Movie of the Year (Ghana) category; she lost but told this reporter that her being nominated means a great recognition to her.

GhanaWeb Entertainment Desk had a chat with the actress to congratulate her, and this is what she had to say, “I feel really humbled and challenged. Thanks to all those who voted and supported in many other ways.”

We went on to ask her what was running in her mind when her category was mentioned on that night in Lagos. Her response was bold “Nothing really”, she said.

“I was a bit indifferent, but also hoping to win (laughs). I know all of them for their hard work in the industry, being nominated alone to me is a big deal. It also goes to prove that my hard works have been recognized and appreciated. Any of us can win. And then…. I won. It was exciting. I’m really grateful.”

We went on to quiz if it is normal occurrence for people to criticize her after winning an award, and how she handles such criticism. The calm and collected actress said, “Honestly, I’ve not received any of such criticisms, at least not yet. Some of my contenders actually sent messages to congratulate me and I thought that was really nice of them. In my mind, we are all winners.”

“It is a good feeling I must confess, that people keep seeing and appreciating the good in you or your good deeds by the day. It is encouraging and I thank God for that.”

Speaking of things she desire to achieve for herself in the nearest future, she said “I always say the future can only get better, that’s what I believe. So definitely, we will work harder, tell better stories and win more awards by the grace of “Mawu’ Mawu means God in Ewe.”

What is next for the Kafui and your ABC Pictures? “We have series of projects lined up. So far, we shot a short film, our first short film, “Cold Fire”. We also have other feature films to shoot, by the grace of God. “Devil in A Dress’ will soon be out on VCD so people should grab a copy of the must watch movie when it’s out. Don’t be told.” She submitted.

Photo credit: Glitz Africa Magazine

Source: Adeyemi Adebayo Victor-GhanaWeb
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