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Ghana Muslim Mission extols the virtues of Ramadan

Sheikh Dr Amin Bonsu, National Chairman, Ghana Muslim Mission says Ramadan is a spiritual obligation that helps one to draw closer to Allah.

He said Muslims observing the fast also derive many blessings from the spiritual rituals like prayers, recitation of the Quran, and spending most of the month especially during the nights in praise and worship of Allah.

Sheikh Bonsu, who made this known in a press release issued in Accra on Wednesday, and copied to Ghana News Agency on Wednesday in Accra, said the Ramadan month, helps to prevent diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke and a host of others. He said it also helps the body to relax and maintain a good balance.

Sheikh Bonsu said socially, fasting helps foster love, unity and kindness among people, and aid the development of good character. He advised Muslims across the world to observe the fasting holistically so as to enjoy the full benefits, which includes health, social, moral, physical and most importantly spiritual benefits of the special month.

Sheikh Bonsu cautioned Muslims not to use acidic foods like pepper, orange, pineapple and apple to break their fast as this may pose serious health challenges to them. He said they should rather use alkaline foods like banana, pawpaw, dates and water melon to break their fast.

He urged Muslims to use the month to pray for world peace. Sheikh Bonsu called on Islamic schools and institutions to respect the rights of people especially freedom of worship as the Quran frowns on compelling people to worship against their will.

He asked non-Islamic schools and institutions to respect the freedom of worship of students especially Muslims who are going through harsh treatments in the hands of some heads of schools. Sheikh Bonsu said this could jeopardise the peaceful co-existence being enjoyed by the country among Muslims and other religions or faiths.

Source: GNA
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