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Robbery case adjourned sixty times - Judge laments

A Circuit Court Judge, Mr Francis Obiri on Wednesday lamented over a robbery case which has been adjourned sixty (60) times. According to the trial judge, the case was formerly handled by Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Reindolf Agyeman, now deceased.

According to the court after the demise of the prosecutor, it was to be re-assigned to another prosecutor but that had not been done. The trial judge warned the Police to assign a prosecutor to the matter so that the trial could begin in two weeks’ time and hearing completed in a month’s time. He said if that was not done, the court would be compelled to discharge the accused persons for want of prosecution.

The four accused persons are on remand for allegedly robbing a woman, known as Linda Ayertey, of her Toyota Highlander vehicle, valued at GH? 35,000 cedis at Community 18 on December 15, 2011. Emmanuel Gbetor, driver, Freeman Fancy a businessman, Richmond Azenga an electrician and Dominic Senyo, a student, are being held for conspiracy to rob and robbery.

Dominic Senyo, was additionally held for dishonestly receiving. They have pleaded not guilty to the various charges. The case of the prosecution was that, the complainant Madam Ayertey is the Executive Director of Resolve Ghana Limited. On January 31, 2012, the accused persons were arrested by the police patrol team within the Ho municipality after they had returned from their robbery spree from Community 18 in the Greater Accra Region.

During investigations, the accused persons confessed to snatching the Toyota Highlander from the complainant after embarking on a series of robberies within the Tema, Lashibi, Community 18 and Greda Estates and its surroundings areas. Police say during investigation, it was revealed that Madam Ayertey at about 2100hours visited the C.L Supermarket to purchase some items.

After shopping, one of the accused persons knocked her car windows drawing her attention to her car tyre. When she got of her car to inspect what was wrong with her back tyre, the accused persons attacked her and took way her car keys.

The owner of the supermarket, Mr Collins Hodey came out to assist the complainant but the accused persons stabbed him with a knife. They snatched the vehicle and bolted. Madam Ayertey reported the matter to the Community 18 Police. Senyo confessed to receiving seven vehicles from his accomplices including the complainant’s vehicle. According to Senyo he was going to sell Madam Ayertey’s vehicle to one Yovi in Togo.

Source: GNA
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