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Juliet Vs Safos: Can anyone marry a Safo?

Although the marriage principle states that the consent of both families is essentially needed, there are rarely fruitful marriages with a one-sided family consent; an instance is the split Juliet Ibrahim-Kwadwo Safo union.

A report carried by Razz Newspaper on June 25, 2014 stated that the Safo family allegedly did not support Actress Juliet ‘Jewels’ Ibrahim’s marriage to their son, Mr. Kwadwo Safo Jnr. from the onset hence did not show up for the “secretly planned” ceremony.

Marriage in the books of the Safo family seems to come with some tight stringed principle that always do not support the choice of life partners their children make tearing apart the love and unity the partners had.

In 2008, ‘Where My Baby Dey’ was the song on most lips in Ghana and beyond. Songs including ‘Movement’ and ‘Sweet girls’ were songs that made hit on Samini’s 3rd album, ‘Dagaati’.

Many were the controversies that sparked up when ‘Where My Baby Dey’ and ‘Movement’ hit the airwaves as people linked the then fresh break up between the now, Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya, Adwoa Safo and the Ace Dancehall Legend, Samini.

As reported and/or rumored that the Safo family disapproved of their relationship which was really a hard-to-take blow for the two love birds stating reasons that subjects Samini to shave his dreadlocks (identity) which linked him to the supposed ‘rascal’ hairstyle and religion among other conditions to enable him marry their daughter.

Initially, maybe Samini took the option given him for a joke and came asking ‘Where My Baby Dey’? It was alleged that until he realized the seriousness of the matter, ‘Movement’ was what he released to express his distaste for the ‘unfair’ treatment from his long time ex’s family.

Unable to meet the conditions, Mr. Emmanuel Andrews Samini (Top Dancehall musician) lost the then youngest Ghanaian Lawyer Adwoa Safo, who is presently the MP for Dome Kwabenya in the Greater Accra Region.

And now the recent divorce between Actress Juliet Ibrahim and Inventor and Pilot, Mr. Kwadwo Safo. Reasons stated by Razz Newspaper as to why the couple had to move on without each other included the disapproval of union by the Safo family from the onset hence their failure to show up during the “secretly planned” ceremony.

The by-far public marriages of the children of the manufacturer and man-of-God, Apostle Kwadwo Safo have landed on rocks.

Although life norm states there are reasons behind every action and although nothing has been heard from Kwadwo Safo Jnr’s family, who deems fit to be welcome into the Safo family? Is there any specific choice of spouse the family will readily welcome as part of the Safos?

Unfortunately, Mr. Kwadwo Safo Jnr. already told Razz Newspaper that the public can rely on Juliet’s side of the issue and consider anything that comes from her as the truth since she is the one who has a story to tell but he doesn’t.

Apologies for bringing back forgotten yet unforgettable memory this day.

But on another note, while awaiting the new ‘4x4 kantanka’ being worked on; watch ‘Where My Baby Dey’ by Samini below:

Source: Ama Larbie - GhanaWeb
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