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A Jamaican's opinion on Afro-dancehall genre

When I first heard the term Afro-Dancehall, I was a bit taken aback, to this day, I do not like the TERM. My opinion on that? Fling weh dat!

Dancehall was originated in Jamaica in the late 1970, Dancehall is a culture with dances, fashion whol'eep a tings. Now I'm not going into the whole halabaloo wid unu all mi a do is state mi opinion and move on. First heard a popular Ghanaian and close friend with the term which escalated into a battle of words on Facebook.

Right now, Ghana is doing it big in Dancehall with acts like Samini, Shatta Wale, Episode, Stonebwoy and others. Nigerians like Burna Boy, Patronking, Timaya and places like Kenya, the Gambia and other countries that have taken the genre and revamped it to their liking.

The whole Afro-Dancehall thing now, personally, it's sounding really segregated simple, black people love too much division tap unu noise good? I understand that some of these artiste do their own broken English and tribal language on these tracks but if you are doing Patwa, having Jamaican dances in videos creating that Jamaican vybz (Lawd mi miss Kartel, big up yuhself Addi) where exactly is the Afro in the music?

Especially if its a collab with a Jamaican artiste is it still Afro-Dancehall? By the way Jamaicans not Africans too? Or maybe we need to touch back the history books. Listen I'm not trying to fight anybody or stop people from eating food but this is merely an opinion and I have to repeat myself because I know some people just Fu-fool.

I'm a huge fan of West African music with Dancehall, Hiplife and Afro Beats being some of my favorites with that being said I got the opinion of a couple of real thugs, real Gaza yutes yeah my friends who gave honest opinions.

Quite frankly they aren't used to it hence they aren't feeling it like I do however I know that some people like Samini, Timaya and Stonebwoy are well received by a couple of people here and honestly speaking I've only heard 1 or 2 Afrobeats over the radio which I do try to send music to a couple of friends who work on the radio.

My main problem with Dancehall in Africa is sometimes ya'll don't know wt* ya'll saying, from using 'Bumboclaat' incorrectly (yes I said it, yes that's exactly what you read) to calling girls 'dutty gyal' who can call me that and don't get a propa send unda?

Please stop forcing it, to the ones getting it right ya'll putting in the work, the hours and mastering the craft. Some just run in pon the ting and hype and wanna reach and cya reach hush boo a nuh me a you.

Easy on the patwa, don't get too complicated, learn the slangs show us that you appreciate us and wanna sing songs for us too although it's not your intentions to turn us off, I got to say if I am hearing a nice Dancehall chune, beat up deh and mi bus a 1 whine, a likkle cock up and turn it dah way deh and your patwa come in bout dutty gyal this or some kinda foolishness I WILL lock off the nonsense but if your ting shot major ratings to you.

Also I'm tired of this dutty whine business please stop.

West Africa, the whole a Africa big up unu self mi love unu, I wrote pieces of Patois (Patwa) because I am Jamaican and I'm staying true to who I am and sharing a part of me with you. One Love, Nuff Love, BLESSED LOVE!

If you found offense, hush ya...

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