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We’ll ensure product quality — Kasapreko

Indigenous distiller of herbal-source drinks, Kasapreko Company Limited (KCL), has attributed its continuous existence and success over the years to a strong commitment to innovation which has helped it to produce quality bitters at affordable prices.
That, it said, had helped the company to come out with new products while sustaining customer interest in the old ones.
The Deputy Managing Director of the company, Mr Kojo Nunoo, explained in an interview that such a tradition had seen Kasapreko consistently investing in the business in a bid to build a strong and viable brand capable of withstanding any form of competition.
He added that although the company was currently producing dozens of products for the local and international markets it had put in place measures that would ensure that the quality of those products were not compromised.
"Any company that does not innovate is bound to die. For us at Kasapreko, it has been part of our core strategy to always keep the market excited with new products. As a result, we dedicate resources to making sure that there's a future for the company and also allow for sustainability of what is the base of our future," Mr Nunoo told the Daily Graphic in Accra.
"It's more like keeping an eye on the future while sustaining and growing the present; it’s a balancing act and that has been the strategy for us," he added. Kasapreko which was founded in 1989 as a family business specialising in the distilling and sale of herbal-sourced drink, currently boast about 20 brands and recipes, majority of which are market leaders in their respective categories.
The company's flagship product, Alomo Bitters, is widely patronised in the country as well as in the sub-region, Europe and Asia. That success notwithstanding, the company continues to add new products, to the excitement of its customers.
Its latest products include the VIP Irish Cream, Barman Herbal and Ginger, Airforce Bitters and Margarita Lime Classic, all aimed at complementing existing products. Going forward, Mr Nunoo said customers should look out for similar innovation that would target specific sections of consumers.
Majority of the company's products are sourced from herbs with medicinal value and blended with other raw materials to achieve unique tastes.
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