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Ghanaians in Hamburg Celebrate Republic Da

The executive members of Ghana Union Hamburg e.V. organized an impressive Symposium at the Imic e.V. “Conference Hall” in Hamburg Wandsbek. The Theme for the occasion was “What benefits has Ghana got from being a republic especially for Ghanaians in the Diaspora”. The event was part of the 54th republic anniversary celebration of Ghana.
In his opening address, the president of the Ghana Union Hamburg, Nana Anane Kaakyire challenged Ghanaians in Hamburg to give their moral support to enable them implement their programs. These include having a permanent office, a reacreational centre for both adults and the youth.
The tradition that people would turn to the union only in times of need can no longer be tolerated. Knocking on our doors when your brothers and sisters are dying or dead but refuse to honor our invitations must cease. Dr. Med (Ret) Bernard Doku, was a delight to watch as he gave a vivid account of the Ghanaian history, he explained the attainment of Independence and Republic to the gathering.
He praised the achievements of the founding fathers of the republic of Ghana. He reserved no words for the vision of the first president of the country, in the person of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.
We have messed up the legacies our fore fathers left behind, our social-economic and political woes started the very moment we started asking what Ghana can do for us, not what we can do for the country. We must be prepared to die for Ghana.
Mrs. Sabine Werner (Miss Ghana) spoke on behalf of Mr. Stephan Burhlich, the Honorary Consul of Ghana in Hamburg. The topic was “Dysfunctional Ghanaian community in Hamburg: -how can we help.She elaborated the enthusiasm with which the union was founded some 12 years ago, under the supervision of the late Ghanaian ambassador to Germany, H.E. Roland Issifu Alhassan.The executive members under the table leadership of Mr. Mahama Alhassan started on a very good note." Unfortunately at a point in time diminishing returns set in, and things started falling apart.Yes it is obvious that the community is dysfunctional with a number of disruptive conflicts and personal animosities. There was no way the consulate could influence the community positively.
Nevertheless we have high hopes in the ability of Ghanaians in Hamburg, a classical example is the African Youth Education Award initiated by Ghanaians with their African counterparts in Hamburg, and the current leadership is determined to succeed.
Mrs. Sylvaina Gerlich who offered her event hall for free also adviced that while we maintain our culture, efforts should be made to learn the German culture to enable us fully integrate into the German system. Mr. Frank Heinrich who spoke briefly, inspired Ghanaians to be proud of their culture.
A brief film documentation on Ghana before and after Independence was viewed. The most interesting part of the occasion was the questions and answers. Mrs. Werner of the Ghana consulate had to take most of the question in regards to the role of the consulate and also why Ghanaians in Hamburg could not be granted travelling documents here. The hottest debate was on the issue of culture. Opanin Koo Kusi, who doubled as MC of the day was of the opinion that children born here in Germany must project their mother tongue above all languages.
Pastor Frederick Wullf, an opinion leader and owner of the First Fundation Event Hall in Hamburg, was of the view that conducting almost all our activities in our local languages is a bad practice that needed to be discouraged.
Most of the younger ones who do not understand their indigenous languages do not take part in activities organized by the community leaders.??At this point of our development we need to be blending the young and the old.
Emphasizing the significance of both languages should be paramount to all. Promoting youth initiated programs should be high on the agenda, thus the elderly been occasionally invited by the younger ones. The biggest challenge was attendance at social gatherings concerning Ghana as a country. Most often it is never anything to write home about. The average Ghanaian owes allegiance to their tribes, churches, mosque and ethnic groups than the country at large.
The organizers wish to thank the following for their support, Malata Markt, Edikanfo Radio, Akwaaba Tours, Eric Studio Video, Basoah Afroshop, Selina Afroshop and TopAfric Media Network.The following were present to grace the occasion, Mr. Ofori Addo, ex-president of Ghana Union Hamburg, Nana Mprengo -Bohyenheme of Kumasi Ghana, Nana Akrasi Kyeraa, Elder Ompong and Pastor Benjamin Mensah of Pentecost Church of Ghana and Nana Amenado, presidentAsafo-Amakom & Fante New Town. Mr Werner, Emmanuel Asanta (AGNA). George Kobi, Wilberforce Osei Tutu, & Abann Charles all executive members of the union were in attendance. The event took place on Saturday, the 5th of July 2014.
God Bless Africa! God Bless Germany
Source: Desmond John Beddy
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