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‘God will punish journalists spreading rumours about Becca, others

There’s so much inconsistency and inaccuracy about what transpired with regards to how much the ambassadors were paid for their role of raising funds for the Stars.

Wading into the on-going confusion, the Coordinator for the World Cup Ambassadors, Mrs. Afua Haujato, has chosen to call–out Ghanaian journalists for peddling falsehood concerning the ambassadors, according to her.

“God will punish the Ghanaian journalists for spreading such falsehood on the ambassadors for taking Ghc20,000 and about some ambassadors sleeping with the footballers,” she told Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, when she was called upon to answer some of the many nagging questions shrouding the ambassadors and Brazil 2014.?

Akua Haujato, who had initially proclaimed on air that she was not going to Brazil, found herself there eventually and gave this reason: “I told the ?committee I was assigned to that; I wasn’t going to Brazil, but unfortunately, nobody from that Committee was going, so I was asked to go".

On the exact amount given to the ambassadors, she said; “Nobody was paid. The ambassadors got nothing for their involvement in the Brazil campaign. They were only given $250 a day for the 15 days that they were in Brazil, and the amount included accommodation and feeding".

Commenting on why some of the selected ambassadors could not turnup in Brazil, she responded that, the artistes requested to take their managers along, an arrangement that couldn’t be realized by the organizers. On what the ambassadors went to do in Brazil, she retorted; “They went there to watch soccer and market Ghana".

On the amount raised by the ambassadors to support the Black Stars, she explained –“The money was raised collectively, and there are pictures of the celebrities picking up cheques from different companies".

When asked about allegations against songstress, Becca, of sleeping with Black Stars player, Agyemang Badu, she stated: ‘It is sad that people can fabricate and spread such lies. God will punish the Ghanaian journalists spreading such rumours".

Source: ghanasportsonline
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