Business News of 2014-07-12

E – commerce, the next big thing!

The world’s economic structure is gradually drifting from the traditional system of commercialisation and transaction into a more technological based system. Obviously, science and technology is taking the centre stage of economic and business transactions; hence every business entity that wants to stay relevant in today’s highly competitive market should hinge its corporate operations on the advantages technology has to offer.

Electronic Commerce evidently, is the next big thing that is helping in the world of business. E Commerce is a system that applies technology to offer consumers the opportunity of purchasing goods online and also enjoying the comfort of interacting with service providers without any challenges. It adopts interactive application software online with security features that allows business privacy and secured transactions.

As reported by Google, one of the world’s most biggest search engines in the world, “by 2015, 21% of all online purchases will be made on a mobile device. In the next two years, developing an engaging and user-friendly mobile strategy will be critical for nearly every business.” Nevertheless more and more big and smaller companies are incorporating e-commerce platforms as part of their business systems.

Mantrac Group is the authorized Caterpillar dealer, distributing and supporting Caterpillar construction machines, power systems and material-handling equipment in nine countries spread over three continents. Mantrac Ghana a household name when it comes to supply of caterpillar products and service in Ghana, after operating for over 75 years, it is still leading the construction industry with E commerce innovations. Mantrac recently introduced the MYMANTRAC portal to support its customers to access over 800,000 CAT parts and place orders with a click of the button.

‘My Mantrac’ is an online parts and Equipment Management portal that’s helps construction customers to check spare parts availability, prices and place orders in just 2 minutes. Customers are also able to monitor all their Cat equipment fleet and know in real time their exact location, fuel utilization and working hours.

This robust E-commerce portal goes further to give the customer financial statements on purchases done with Mantrac, as well as credit limits available to the customer just by a click of a button. A great innovation in the construction industry in Ghana. It couldn’t have come from no other than the Mining and Construction Equipment business leader, Mantrac Ghana.

The advantages of the online system, ranges fromtracking and managing orders, invoicing and checking account histories.In addition to its user friendly capabilities, the system also helps to eliminate unnecessary steps by speeding up your enquiry and orders.

MyMantrac also eliminates the traditional methods of customers calling company phone lines and waiting for feedback on enquiries or having to put business on hold to visit a branch of the company which will take not less than 2 hours. Time and money is saved which significantly reduces equipment downtime and easy access to equipment health updates.

Mr. Daniel A. Pabby Head of Marketing and Strategic Planning for Mantrac Ghana commenting on the innovation stated, “as CAT dealers we know how important it is to maximize the value of customers’ investments, hence MYMANTRAC portal. Robust system with built in Equipment Management Systems allowing customers to proactively monitor all aspects of their machines and power generating sets.

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