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Muslim youth senstised on the dangers of corruption

The Ghana Muslim Academy (GMA) on Sunday held its second 2014 Mohammed Ali Mujahid Annual Ramadan Lectures in Accra, on the theme: “Dealing with Corruption in Ghana: The Islamic Paradigm.”

The lectures, which brought together academics, Muslim scholars and the clergy, is aimed at sensitising the Muslim youth on the challenges of corruption. Mr Wasiu Yusuf, Business Risk and Compliance Consultant, Vodafone Ghana Limited said corruption is one of the worst predications that haunt many countries including Ghana and the credible and widely used means of capturing the phenomenon is through Corruption Perception Index carried out by Transparency International.

Mr Yusuf who is also the Head of Finance of the GMA said the perceived level of public sector corruption, which is measured on a scale of zero to 100, should be revisited. Zero means that a country is perceived as highly corrupt whilst 100 indicates that a country is very clean from the canker.

Mr Yusuf said the system must be re-engineered to reflect best practices in the world in regards to accountability, transparency and predictability. He said corruption is a serious and age old threat, which poses devastating impact, through a wide range of illegal practices which undermines fear of God, morality, decency, social justice, good governance, rule of law, harmony, peace, progress and development.

He said Islam provides a complete, fundamental and comprehensive universal guidance and perfect solution to all human problems, including corruption. “Islam totally discourages all sinful and unlawful accumulation of wealth including corruption as the Holy Qur’an said,” he explained.

Source: GNA
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