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Ghanaians Against Bad Governance to Protest at the Ghana Embassy

Ghanaians Against Bad Governance will protest at the Ghana Embassy, Washington DC on July 23, 2014 9am- 12 noon.

Washington DC – Today Ghanaians Against Bad Governance announce a protest in the United States of America, which will take place at the Ghana Embassy, Washington DC on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 9AM local time. The protest is in response to the present economic hardship in Ghana, which is a result of, but not limited to, economic mismanagement, misplaced priorities, well-intentioned but badly planned and corruption ridden social interventions, and the blatant violation of the laws and policies of Ghana by our leaders. The aforementioned has resulted in a high cost of living, a currency in free fall, high interest rates, energy and water crisis, recurrent agitation by various labor organizations and a recent down grading of Ghana’s sovereign rating by Moody, just to mention a few.

Ghanaians Against Bad Governance will be protesting outside the Ghana Embassy in DC at 3512 International Dr NW, Washington, DC 20008 where a petition will be presented to the head of the Consular Affairs, in the absence of a substantive Ambassador, to be forwarded to the Government of Ghana. Any Ghanaian, and everyone who is interested in demanding accountability from leadership are welcome to join our protest.

“We demand responsive and responsible governance to alleviate the plight of the good people of Ghana.” Ghanaians Against Bad Governance

Ghanaians Against Bad Governance is a non-partisan group of concerned Ghanaians living in the United States of America, who are interested in the economic and social wellbeing of Ghana. It is a diverse group of nonprofessionals, professionals and academics who believe that the Government of Ghana has a responsibility to deliver on their own promises, and that we should not wait for the next election cycle to raise our voices to demand that our leaders work in the interest of the good people of Ghana. We cannot continue to sit on the fence whiles citizens of Ghana suffer the direct consequences of the ineptitude of our leaders.

For Further information about the protest, please contact Ghanaians Against Bad Governance at: (314) 322-8886, (571) 274-0444, (571) 242-9795. E-mail: GABGoccupy@gmail.com

Source: GhanaNewsMedia
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