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Polygamy is not a sin – Apostle

A Kumasi based man of God, Apostle Micah Addai, presiding pastor of Association of 7th Day Pentecostal Church at Adeababa in the Ashanti Region, has expressed his disillusionment of today’s Ghanaian pastors.

According to Apostle Addai, these pastors have been preaching against polygamy but surrounded themselves with multiple girlfriends.

He indicated that men of God, who tag themselves with big titles like Bishops, Professor, Dr. Apostle, among others are deceiving societies especially the manner they preach against polygamy marriage, which in effect making men indulge in divorce to destroy the society.

Apostle Micah Addai in an interview with this reporter observed that the actions of these ‘so called men of God’ parading in the society are ungodly and also not anointed to call themselves ‘men of God.'

He spoke with authority in line with the Holy Scripture that there is nowhere in the Bible that speaks against polygamous marriage, but rather what the Bible speaks strongly against is homosexuality and divorce.

Buttressing his point, he referred to the story of Abraham in the Bible where Prophet Abraham besides his wife Sarah took his maidservant Hagar as his second wife but the good lord never opposed Abraham.

He also cited instances where Moses was known as the powerful Prophet of God, who also took two wives, but God saw nothing wrong with his actions.

The Apostle underscored that marrying two not a sin in the sight of God. To prove this, he quoted 2 Samuel 5:11-13 with regards to King Solomon. He said Solomon married 1000 wives, but the punishment he got from God, was not as a result of the 1000 wives he married, but rather because he failed to obey God’s instruction to marry only women from Jerusalem, “King Solomon married foreign women, therefore, his punishment was not for polygamy.”

He claimed that, he got his message through divine revelation, and further quoted extensively 1 kings 11:3, Deuteronomy 21:15 and Deuteronomy 17:17, to prove that polygamous marriages are not evil and condemned those Pastors in no uncertain terms, saying that it is now time for them to reform and teach the truth instead of preaching falsehood to amass illicit wealth from unsuspecting members of the public.

He further disagreed with pastors who see the Old Testament as old-fashioned, and therefore has nothing to do with two marriages in the present dispensation.

Apostle Addai said, Jesus specifically made it clear that he never came to condemn the Old Testament; rather he came to fulfill the laws as a complete foundation for the living purpose for mankind, adding that what Jesus meant was that he came to amend the law of the Old Testament. According to him, although God has given every man freedom to marry more than one, one can stick to one wife if he thinks he cannot afford two wives.

Source: adomonline
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