Movies of 2014-07-17

Kafui Danku, others on location for The SMS

A new movie, The SMS, featuring a mix of veteran and young actors such as Kafui Danku, Mawuli Gavor, Psalm Adjetefio, Emmanuel Armah, Jessica Osei, Linda Zelu and Genevieve Gyapong, is scheduled to start shooting at locations in Accra this weekend.

The SMS, a story written by Graphic Showbiz columnist and entertainment critic, Francis Doku is being produced by MSI Productions, a Ghanaian film and television production company.

The story is about a married man who wrongly sent an SMS intended to his mistress to his wife and the efforts he made within one day to retrieve the message from his wife’s phone and delete it before she sees it, throws up a good dose of suspense, humour, conflict, jealousy and all the ingredients that make a good drama.

According to Francis Doku, he started writing The SMS some four years ago and shared with his friends on social network site Facebook.

“I had wanted to write one short story and then it took on a life of its own and I managed to write four parts.

“Part four was written about three years ago until filmmaker Vincent Akiti saw them and decided to make it into a movie then; I had only one month to complete the 13-part series,” he said.

The director of MSI Productions who is also the director of the movie Vincent Akiti said he was surprised to have seen such a good story circulating on Facebook for so long a time without anyone making it into a movie or television serial.

He said, “immediately I read the first part of the series on Francis' page, I knew that this was something worth putting one's money and time into.

My only surprise was that, such a good story had been in the public domain for close to three years and no producer or any interested person, had tried to turn it into a television serial or a movie.”

The screenplay for The SMS was written by Vincent Akiti, who is not new in the Ghanaian film and television industry as he has written scripts for shows such as Adults in Education, Dada Boat, Sun City, Taxi Driver and Abiba.

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