Business News of 2014-07-17

Workers unions hold conference in Accra

Workers unions from seven African countries have gathered in Accra to deliberate on labour issues that confront their operations and consequently affect the confidence level of workers in those institutions.

The four-day conference will also focus on comparing collective agreements, constitutions and other various labour acts.

The countries are Botswana, Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana.

Dubbed ‘The UNI Africa Barclays Alliance Conference’, the event is being hosted by the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU) of Ghana.

Briefing journalists at the opening ceremony in Accra Tuesday, the General Secretary of the ICU, Mr Solomon Kotei, said the conference would focus on ensuring that global agreements were respected by all countries which signed them.

“We want to find out which country is breaching on the global agreements and those which are adhering to the standards and rules governing the unions,” he said.

Objectives of the conference

According to Mr Kotei, the conference was a platform for participants to dialogue on major issues that hindered their operations and also threatened their expansion.

“Participants will be allotted enough time to explain some of the challenges in their unions,” he added.

Mr Kotei said one major reason that prevented workers from joining unions was that most of them were ignorant about the benefits they stood to gain.

“Most workers think the dues they pay are not commensurate with the benefits they get but that is a big fallacy. If you compare workers who are unionised to those who are not, you will realise that the former enjoy more benefits than the latter,” he stated.

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