Business News of 2014-07-18

EYE-CON Construction to address skills gap in industry

EYE-CON Construction has been established in the country with a promise to help address the skills gap that currently exists in the industry. It has also promised to put its expertise in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial projects at the doorstep of the Ghanaian entrepreneurs in particular and the country as a whole.

The Managing Director of EYE-CON, Mr Mouhammad Hamidi, said the company was concerned about the poor quality of projects in the country hence its decision to invest in the acquisition of the state-of-the-art equipment and technical know-how in estate construction.

“EYE-CON has demonstrated its capabilities in various residential, commercial and industrial projects, and has provided expertise and highly trained professionals in the execution of huge international projects,” Mr Hamidi said.

He mentioned the construction of the Jeddah Train Station in Saudi Arabia and other ultramodern edifices in Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE), as some of the projects that have been executed.

“EYE-CON erected the KANE-EM Industries Ltd building in North Industrial Area (Accra) only in 20 days. The steel structure stands at 25 meters in height and is currently the tallest steel building in West Africa,” the MD added.

The entry of EYE-CON Construction into the country comes at a time the construction industry is experiencing enormous growth. In recent times, many projects have collapsed midway into their construction and/or a few years after existence, killing people and damaging properties worth millions of cedis.

This has brought to the fore the need to emphasise and ensure quality delivery at all facets of the construction should the industry contribute meaningfully to the lives of the populace. This, the MD of EYE-CON Construction said, was worrying.

“EYE-CON has a mission, which is the development of human capital. This is one of the pillars of the company which aims to empower employees to the higher benefit of society and our finished construction projects speak volumes to that. The satisfaction of providing such world-class facilities to expand the economy gives us the motivation to even do more in research to exceed the standards of our previous projects,” he explained.

He was thus hopeful that the investor community and the government would take advantage of the company’s quality designs and efficiency of its construction facilities to achieve the best results in their project executions.

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