Business News of 2014-07-19

Farmers in B/A, Upper West call for fertilizer subsidies

Farmers in the Brong Ahafo and the Upper West regions have called on the government to restore subsidies of fertilizers and withdraw the free supply policy, which they claim is causing the acute shortage of fertilizers on the market.

The former fertilizer subsidy policy, according to them, made the fertilizer available on the market at a much lower price.

According to the farmers, the product, which is in limited supply on the markets, is beyond the purchasing powers of the farmers.

They claimed that government officials, responsible for the distribution of the fertilizers to the farmers, are hoarding the product and smuggling it into neighbouring countries.

The farmers also expressed their displeasure at a policy which allowed only farmers with more than 10 acres of land to be supplied with fertilizers, which they deemed unfair.

The President of the Peasant farmers Association in the Upper West region, Adamu Yakubu, says the situation is negatively affecting their livelihood.

The farmers warned that the current situation may result in an acute food shortage if the government does not intervene quickly since they have been compelled to cut down on food production.

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