Diasporian News of 2014-07-21

NDC UK/Ireland youth asks the TUC to be sensitive

.... to Prof Mills' memory and defer strike date. 24th July 2012 was the day the hearts of Ghanaians were severely struck by the news of the death of our dear President John Evans Attah Mills. To this day, many Ghanaians still celebrate him for what he stood for: peace, love, patriotism, consensus building politics and many more. Thursday 24th July, 2014 will be the 2nd anniversary of his passing. We wish therefore to strongly register our disappointment at the decision of the Trade Union Congress to engage in a nationwide strike on this date. Without looking into the merits of the strike itself we believe that engaging in a nationwide strike action on that date will send the wrong signal to the general public who may otherwise have goodwill towards the TUC. If there is any late Ghanaian statesman in this fourth republic whose memory rallies the whole country together, it is that of President Mills. If there is any date that has the potential to disarm rancour and division in the country, it is the date of the anniversary of Professor Mills' death. To decide to strike on such a date will clearly indicate an intention to deny a rallying centre for the people of Ghana. We wish therefore to appeal to the heart of the TUC's leadership to cancel or defer their planned strike, whiles they engage with the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations for an amicable outcome for their grievances. We are counting on their goodwill. God bless Our homeland Ghana Submitted by Kofi Adoli, Organiser, NDC UK/Ireland Youth.Source: Kofi Adoli
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