General News of 2014-07-21

Mahama to reassign Chief Of Staff

Many political watchers who know His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama as a moderate politician who does not want to hurt even a fly and are doubtful of his recently strong-worded letter to his non-ministerial appointees such as presidential staffers and aides, have to reconsider their thoughts.

In fact, credible information gathered by The Informer from the corridors of the seat of government has it that, the Chief Of Staff, Mr. Prosper Douglas Kwaku Bani, has been slated for the position of a Special Advisor to the President.

The change, according to this Paper’s intelligence sources at the Flagstaff House, is in line with the President’s decision to change the face of the seat of government.

“Even though the conditions and terms of engagement of Mr. Prosper Bani remain the same as that of the Chief of Staff status, the little difference is that, unlike as Chief of Staff where all appointees of government have to report to him as the Chief Administrator of the Government; at the Presidential Special Advisor position, Mr. Bani is limited only to the President,” one source disclosed.

Asked if Mr. Prosper Bani has not been demoted, the source replied in the negative.

To buttress his point, the source said though appointees of government will report to him as required in a Chief of Staff position, conditions and terms of engagement regarding salary, emolument and others are the same with both positions.

“He would have been demoted if he was going to be re-assigned to head a ministry as initially planned; the source pointed out; adding that, Mr. Prosper Bani seems to be happy with his yet-to-occupy position, since he was unnecessarily becoming a target of non-performance.

According to the source, a female (name withheld) has been penciled to take over from Mr. Prosper Bani, when the official announcement is made.

It would be recalled that President John Dramani Mahama, in what has been termed his “Green Letter,” notified staffers and aides at the seat of government of his wish for a house cleaning exercise.

The July 4, 2014 President’s ‘Green Letter” copied His Excellency the Vice President, reads “ May I use this opportunity to express my profound gratitude for the service you have rendered to the nation in your various position as staffers in the office of the President.

I intend in the near future to make certain changes and/or re-assignments of portfolios in the Office of the President. Please stand by, as the changes will be communicated to you in due course.

It is my prayer that God will grant you the grace to apply yourself diligently and effectively to whatever position or situation you find yourself in.”

Source: The Informer
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