Politics of 2014-07-21

Stop playing with words; let’s fix the hardship - KSM

While the finance Minister, Seth Terkper thinks the country’s economy is not in crisis and government communicators are busy tussling with the right word to describe the state of the economy; Actor and host of TGIF, Kwaku Sintim-Misa has attacked yet advised that we stop playing with words and fix the hardship.

When BoG announced the heavy fall of the Cedi in February 2014; many attributed it to bad governance, calamity, and ‘curse’ for an unknown wrongdoing of the country.

In a tweet on Friday, June 18 at 1721GMT, the popular Ghanaian Comedy Show host, KSM wrote “Let's stop playing with words. Whether it's a CRISIS or a CHALLENGE, the bottom-line is that there is HARDSHIP. Let's fix it.”

KSM’s assertion comes when many are calling for a halt of the blame game by the country’s politicians and its citizenry on the BOG administration and the government to rather come up with suggestions to fix the hardship.

The country’s currency depreciation took off with a three percent fall against the major international currencies raising the US dollar selling price to Ghc2.60 on the local foreign exchange market before 2013 Christmas celebration.

Practically, the US dollar is now sold at Ghc3.034 and there seem to be no improvement in the state’s economy which rather seems to be adding up to the difficulties faced by majority of the citizens.

Source: Ama Larbie - GhanaWeb
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