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Over 10,000 subscribers ditch Expresso

Ten thousand, eight hundred and eight, voice subscribers of Expresso ditched the network in the month of May, 2014. This is according to the May market share report of the National Communications Authority (NCA).

The report also indicated that 287,000 voice subscribers were added to the existing 28.8 million, increasing it to 29.1million mobile voice subscribers in Ghana. The data from the NCA indicates Expresso was the only telco that recorded a decline in the number subscribers in May.

It declined by about 7 percent dropping from 154,207 to 143,379 subscribers. This also shrunk its market share from 0.54percent to 0.49percent. Airtel reported the least number of new additions after increasing by just 2,700 subscribers.

This did little to push up its total number of subscribers which is 3.5million. Its total market share however dropped from 12.15percent to 12.04percent. Tigo followed after adding about 4,300 new subscribers. Its market share however shrunk from 14.01pernt to 13.89 percent. Its total number of subscribers is a little above 4million.

Glo, for the first time in a long recorded some recovery. It recorded about 26,000 new additions in May. This pushed its market share from 4.68pecent to 4.72 percent. Its total number of subscribers is a little below 1.4million.

Vodafone continued its increasing streak after adding about 88,000 new subscribers to its 6.6million subscribers. Its market share increased marginally to 23.1. Total number of subscribers was 6.7 million at the end of May.

Market leader, MTN gained the most subscribers. It increased by about 177,000. This shot up its subscriber base to 13.3million from 13.1million. Its market share also increased from 45.6percent to 45.7percent.

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