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BOST worried over siting of residence on facility site

Managers of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST) depot in Kumasi have expressed concern over the rising number of settlements and businesses close to its facility site, which contravenes safety measures expected to be followed by residents within the Kaase community in Kumasi.

At a recent facilitation tour of BOST’s Kaase site by some journalists in Kumasi to witness ongoing maintenance works being carried out by Top International Engineering Ghana Limited, Mr. Nicholas Yaw Samari, Kumasi Depot Manager, said management has made several efforts in the past to get properties and businesses situated close to the facility out, but has been unsuccessful.

He observed that the presence of structures near the facility exposes the occupants as well as those properties to severe danger should there be any mishap, given the nature of the work done at the facility.

He therefore entreated residents of the area to heed safety precautions and desist from building anywhere close to the facility, while also appealing to businesses found close to the depot to consider relocating with immediate effect.

The BOST depot in Kumasi was shut down in September last year, 2013, to enable upgrading work to be carried out on some parts of the facility to bring efficiency into its operations. Among the major works being undertaken at the facility is included modification of pipelines, installation of low-position tanks and meters, and automation of the systems.

Mr. Samiri said key among the challenges that hampered smooth operation of the facility was defective equipment and an ineffective measuring system, which often led to product losses. He was however optimistic that the installation of an effective metering system at the facility among others will enable them to properly account for products received.

He further explained that the nature of work being carried out at the depot requires all operations to be halted, contrary to claims earlier in the media that the facility had folded-up completely.

“With the nature of the products that we are handling, you cannot go on a major maintenance work while operations continue because the product can catch fire. In the meantime, he indicated that the amount of petroleum products that are supposed to be kept at the depot has been reduced considerably so that the maintenance works can be carried out safely.

The facility is expected to be open by August 2014, while other minor civil work continues. However, the tour of the facility by media in the region to acquaint themselves with progress of work on the rehabilitation of major sections of the BOST depot will quell speculation that the facility has collapsed.

Source: B&FT
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