General News of 2014-07-22

TUC to go ahead with strike despite police excuses

The Trades Union Congress says it will go ahead with its planned demonstration on Thursday.

The union has served notice to embark on a nationwide demonstration to protest harsh economic conditions in the country.

The police service however called on the leadership of the union to organize the protest on region by region basis to allow the service gather enough personnel to man the demonstration.

The police have threatened to seek a court order to halt the nationwide strike should the TUC ignore their proposal.

But speaking on the Ultimate morning Show, secretary general of the TUC, Kofi Asamoah says the union is set to go on the demonstration nonetheless.

“This is a peaceful demonstration, and nothing will be done to destroy anything; so I can firmly tell you I do not see any change in the whole arrangement,” he affirmed.

Meanwhile, the Ghana federation of labor insists it will not join in the protest. General Secretary of the group, Abraham Koomson insists enough collaboration has not been sought especially with private sector players.

He contends though the public sector might tolerate the action; a private entrepreneur may not entertain the action.

The Ghana federation of labor is made up of about 500,000 workers with several of them in the private sector.

Ultimate Radio sought to find out from workers here in Kumasi whether or not they will participate in the intended strike.

“If our authorities allow us, we will put down our tools and be part of this but if they don’t, we have no choice than to come to work,” an employee with a private institution indicated.

"For me I think TUC is on a right direction because things have become too difficult. Some of these things put the government on its toes. Everybody needs to put down his tools so that we all join the demonstration,” another stated.

A woman however indicated, “I work with someone’s business, so I have to report to work.”

Meanwhile the minister of Labor and Media Relations, Haruna Iddrisu is to convene a meeting with the TUC before Thursday. The most probable position will be for labor to respect the day set aside to commemorate the late Prof Mills’ anniversary.

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