Regional News of 2014-07-24

Farmer remanded in custody for killing son

The 37-year-old farmer who allegedly slashed the head of his three-year-old son at Kpeyiborme, a farming community near Kpeve in the South Dayi District in the Volta Region, has been charged with murder.

Gideon Abotsi, also known as Jarah, was said to have slashed the head of his only son, Sitsofe Abotsi, with a machete on a piece of wood in protest against his wife’s decision not to have sex with him again.

The accused was remanded in prison custody by the Ho District court, presided over by Mr Joseph Addo. He is to reappear on August 6, 2014. The prosecutor, Chief Inspector Sheilla Odai, informed the court that investigations were ongoing after which the docket would be forwarded to the Attorney-General’s Department for advice.

No family member

Meanwhile, family members of Abotsi appeared to have rejected him as they were missing in court yesterday. Normally, with cases of this nature, it was possible to see some family members in the court.

However, the case of Abotsi looked different as no family member was present to sympathise with him when he appeared in court. Still wearing the same clothes he had on when he allegedly committed the heinous crime, Gideon, without legal representation, looked dejected when he stood in the dock as the charge and facts were read to him in Ewe.

Accused father is complainant

Briefing the court over the matter, Chief Inspector Odai stated that the complainant was John Ahiable, the father of the accused person. She said on July 18, 2014 at about 12:30 p.m., the complainant was on his farm when a witness came to inform him that his son (Abotsi) had slashed the head of Sitsofe, his grandson.

The complainant quickly rushed to the house to meet the accused person whose arms and legs had been tied with wire to prevent him from running away. Later, she said the police appeared on the scene and arrested the accused after which they deposited the corpse at the Peki Government Hospital morgue for preservation. The three-year-old boy was the only son of the accused.

Earlier reports

Earlier reports had disclosed that Abotsi, a calm and reserved man and his wife, Georgina Sena Ahiadeke, had been married for 11 years with four children. The boy he allegedly murdered was the last of his children.

However, for some time now, the two have been having misunderstandings over the upkeep of the children with the wife alleged to have accused the man of being irresponsible. The woman decided that she would not allow the accused to have sex with her in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Sena leaves matrimonial home

Sena then packed her belongings from her matrimonial home and together with her children,moved to stay with her mother-in-law. The accused person, who was peeved about his wife’s behaviour, last Friday afternoon went to the house and picked the small boy from his grandmother.

In the absence of his neighbours who had gone to farm, Abotsi allegedly put his son on a piece of wood in the compound and cut off the head. The mother of the child, who was informed about the tragedy, went to the house to meet the gruesome scene.

The wife reportedly shouted for help which attracted the attention of some youth. Gideon, sensing danger, decided to run but he was chased by some youth of the town who arrested him. Abotsi allegedly confessed that he was under the influence of Indian hemp.

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