Fashion of 2014-07-24

“There is nothing wrong with wearing skimpy dresses”

– Fashion Designer, Atta Kofi

An Italian-based Ghanaian Fashion Designer, Mr. Atta Kofi says he sees nothing appalling about putting on short and revealing clothes if the season and mindset of the person is right.

“The point is that if you are going to wear such clothes with bad conscience that is where you are guilty of all those criticisms and now we are in an age where we have to really understand what it means to wear certain clothes at certain times”, he said.

He said the Western societies that Africans are copying in relation to these clothes have seasons and reasons for putting on such outfits adding that you will never them in such clothes during the winter season.

According to him wearing short dresses should be a standard life style fashion when compared to the reasons why the Western societies put on such clothes. He made reference to the 1960s in Ghana where Ghanaians used to wear skimpy clothes which was popularly known as “patapata” adding that Ghanaians saw that normal and never criticized. Speaking on Xfm’s Xpress Breakfast Show with Kwaku David, Mr. Atta Kofi, disclosed how disappointed he is with Ghanaians especially fashion designers about the negative way they present fashion in the country. The distinguished fashion designer said most Ghanaian fashion designers have wrong mindset of showing their products because they only think of the money aspect. He feels strongly that the financial benefits should be a secondary matter. Mr. Atta Kofi revealed that most Ghanaian fashion designers come out only to sell tickets to exhibit their products after which you do not hear of them again, labeling them as “show men and women”.

The renowned fashion designer has represented Ghana at international clothes events in Dubai and exhibited his clothing lines at international fashion shows and exhibitions like CPD Dusseldorf in Germany, MODAPRIMA in Milan and MAGIC SHOW in Las Vegas (U.S.A).

He owns a fashion designing and clothes manufacturing company by name ATTA KOFI MODA which is based in Ghana with offices in Brescia, Italy.

He said he is looking forward to his first major fashion event which he promises will present fashion in a diverse way to enable Ghanaians understand the real meaning of fashion.

He dreams to elevate Ghanaian fashion to a higher level in a different perspective. He is very hopeful his show will come off in September 2014.

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