Diasporian News of 2014-07-24

Launching of FONAAUSA

As we plan to officially launch the dynamic FRIENDS OF NANA AKUFO ADDO ( FONAA), on August 23rd, we have found it expedient to reiterate our raison d'ĂȘtre: FONAAUSA is committed to striving to raise funds for the election of Nana Akufo Addo to help bring an end to the current socio-economic decadence and an end to the needless suffering of the masses. We are determined to assist Nana Addo in his quest to establish a democratic society in terms of the basic principles of Universal Adult Suffrage, where leaders are elected by voters and not selected by the Electoral Commission and coronated by the Supreme Court. We salute all other organizations striving to bring an end to the dictatorial tendencies of the EC which is only threatening the peace and security of our dear country. While FONAA may differ from other groups in the struggle for peaceful, free and fair elections, we believe in the unification of all forces fighting for the NEW ELECTORAL ORDER in our country. We have enough in common. We cherish the abundant freedoms and economic prosperity under the NPP and strongly resist anyone who infringes on these privileges. Why are we stuck in apathetic stupor whilst Mahama's NDC Administration destroys our economy with reckless abandon? FONAA is worried that if this degree of apathy is not eliminated, a day may arise for us to make reckoning, but it may be too late - we would have run out of options. The time for lip service is past; we need to inspire our people to get involved in politics, and no one states the urgency of finding time to get involved in politics better than Theodore Roosevelt, who said: " The people who say that they have no time to attend to politics are simply saying that they are unfit to live in a free community." The NDC and the Electoral Commission have shown that they are not prepared to respond in anyway to the peaceful demand of Ghanaians for transparent processes leading to the General Elections and editing of the problematic voters register as stipulated by the Supreme Court. Instead, stratagems and machinations to rig the 2016 general elections are in ascendancy. Like our leader, Nana Akufo Addo, we would not like to see a drop of blood shed just for the sake of power; however, we would not look on sheepishly while the Fundamental Human Rights of our fellow citizens are violated with impunity. We declare a struggle not against the NDC and EC as such, but against a rotten and unfair system they so jealously defend. To Afari Gyan, John Mahama and their men we say: you can NEVER stop the pulse of the new Ghana which even now, beats in our factories and cities, our companies and classrooms - and you KNOW IT. To the suffering masses and silent majority we say join FONAA for ABSOLUTE FREEDOM, JUSTICE and ECONOMIC PROSPERITY NOW! Charles Biney: TX 214 223 4561, Steve Oduro: NJ,201 682-8545, Dr. Phillip Bannor: TN 423-505-2112, Wofa Yaw (Joe Manu): CA 909 936 5972, Nana Boateng : NY 718 503 1249, Thomas: VA 540-850-4684 Frank Yeboah IL 630 546 5906, Nana Owusu Korko : IL 773 297 9333,Kwesi Brenya: MD 240-374-3788 Joseph Korankye IL 773 443 5680, Dr. Kofi Nsia Pepra: OH 567-242-9602 , Kofi Amoabin IL 331 333 5866, Aisha Salifu : (OH/NY) 513-223-1395, Sidney Ntyi TX 817 305 1868, Maxwell Amoako MN 651 756 0660;Source: Charles Biney
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