Business News of 2014-07-25

‘Develop own model to solve economic challenges’

The Managing Director of the Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL), Mr Ken Ashigbey, has stressed the need for Ghana to develop its own model to solve the economic and development challenges confronting the country.
Speaking at the Graphic Business/Fidelity Bank Breakfast Meeting in Accra, he said: “Solutions that will really work for Ghana are Ghanaian solutions to Ghanaian problems. We believe that as a people we have the capacity to turn things around and that is why periodically we gather to take topical issues that matter to your readers, businesses, and fellow countrymen and garner the ideas of all to move Ghana forward.”
Mr Ashigbey added that apart from holding government accountable, the GCGL was also concerned about contributing to the solutions of the problems that confront the nation.
“We promise that as a media organisation we will try hard to follow up on issues we deliberate on to turn our country around so the forum will not be just talk shops but become tools with which we are able to turn our country around,” he said.
The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), Mr Gideon Quarcoo, corroborated that position and noted that it was imperative for Ghana to develop through its own model. He said Ghanaians must, therefore, be ready to embrace import substitution by buying, using and selling anything Ghanaian.
“It is the categorical economic imperative of our time. Even on our continent, Nigerians and Kenyans are doing it; so why not Ghanaians. For the next two to three years we must travel the straight and narrow road to intensify the drive for behavioural change, take pride in and value things made in Ghana,” he added.
Mr Quarcoo said government alone could not develop the export sector with financial and technical support but required the Ghanaian resourcefulness and ingenuity to work.
He said Ghana could become self-reliant and take control to build a collective future when captains of industry and entrepreneurs would find ways of expanding their businesses and also have a stronger work ethic and abandon the mindset of growth retardant.
A former head of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Mr Kwasi Abeasi has stressed the need for Ghana to sustain its efforts at attracting investment into the country.
He said “Investors will not come into the country with one trip as it is often claimed by some politicians. Attracting investors requires a consistent effort and putting the necessary things in place. Attitudinal change among other incentives is needed and that is one of the things we need to be working at as a country,” he said.
Mr Abeasi also noted that in the country’s quest to do more exports, there is the need to critically consider a few issues that are often ignored. For instance, he said it was not only the volume of exports which was crucial but even more importantly the quality and value of the exports and urged exporters to take that aspect more seriously to meet international standards.
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