Health News of 2014-07-25

Cholera alert!!!

Cases of Cholera (including deaths) have been reported in Accra and all medical facilities are on alert. We get Cholera through ingestion (eating/drinking) of contaminated food or water. We recommend that we all adopt the following measures IMMEDIATELY: • Hygiene, in particular: o Washing hands thoroughly with soap and clean water before touching food or water and after using the toilet. o Eating warm food. Avoid food prepared in ‘suspicious’ surroundings o Taking extreme caution when preparing food - especially seafood, vegetables and fruits o Desisting from communal eating and sharing of cups, plates, etc. o Ensuring that food vendors cover their products appropriately, and encouraging them to undergo their routine health screening.** • Proper refuse disposal. For instance: o All refuse should be well covered o Indiscriminate defecation should be avoided (can you imagine how faeces may leak into burst pipelines?) • Provision of potable drinking water o All water storage containers should be tightly covered o Drinking water should be boiled and filtered (boiled, at least), and allowed to cool before drinking. We all have a role to play in preventing outbreaks of cholera. Let us ensure personal and environmental hygiene; encourage others to do the same; and task the appropriate authorities to provide the necessary services.Source: kojo essel
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