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Inna Patty mom beat up Miss Ghana -Says Security Man

The security man guarding the official Miss Ghana residence has confirmed that mother of Inna Patty, Chief Executive of Exclusive Events, organisers of the pageant, physically assaulted the recently resigned beauty queen, Gussipina Nana Akua Baafi in a video recording making rounds in the media.

The said video, first published on www.ghanacelebrities.com and later widely circulated on social media, captures the unnamed security man narrating the episode.

He said when Inna Patty’s mother got to the house, she was angry and insisted she wanted to see Gussipina but he sensed danger and therefore said the beauty queen was absent.

“When she drove away, I went inside and told Miss Ghana that Inna’s mother had come around wanting to see her… The woman later came back and this time met Miss Ghana. The woman was very angry. She held Miss Ghana by the neck and was fighting her and screaming, ‘Give me the house key, give me the house key.’

“Oh I can say this anywhere I am called because I saw this with my own eyes and why should I deny what I saw. I saw her. She came here and held Miss Ghana by the neck,” the security man noted.

This new twist to the ongoing crisis that has engulfed the Miss Ghana pageant further questions the credibility of Inna Patty, who insisted that her mother did not even touch the resigned Miss Ghana and that the fight that broke out at the residence was between the security man and some four Russians.

Inna Patty also alleged that her mother went to the official residence of Miss Ghana where a fight ensued and that some Russian neighbours rushed into the house in an attempt to defend the young lady.

She said the Russians ended up fighting with the security detail at the residence and nearly vandalised the place.

Inna however insisted that her mother did not do anything wrong.

She said her mother was politely speaking to Nana Akua Baafi when the Russians “unlawfully entered the house” and started misbehaving.

As it stands now, Ghana does not have a representative for the Miss World competition as Nana Akua Baafi and her two runners-up have resigned their positions.

Source: news One
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