Business News of 2014-07-25

Company to produce 500 street lights daily

Prefos Ghana Limited, an electricity service and infrastructure producer, has successfully completed the installation of its factory equipment. The factory has the capacity to produce 500 streets lights a day.

The wholly Ghanaian owned company, located at Adarko-Jachie in the Ejisu-Juaben Municipality, has the contract to produce streetlights for all cities and urban areas in the country.

The measure is part of the government’s agenda to beautify cities and towns and also provide adequate security for communities.

The Minister of Energy and Petroleum, Mr Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah, who undertook an inspection tour of the company and observed operations at first hand, said the government would support local industries willing and prepared to move into value addition, especially those manufacturing for export and sited in rural areas of the country.

According to him, the government was eager to change the dynamics of the economy into an industrial and export-led one.

As such, he said, the government was working hard to implement the law on local content in order to bring about the needed change from our current dependence on imports into an industrial driven economy.

He was emphatic that the government would support Prefos and other indigenous companies to develop their capacities to enable them to add value to their output and continues to manufacture in Ghana.

Mr Buah approved of Prefos adding a training component to their work processes.

Under this function, Prefos would train between 30 and 40 people from each metropolitan, municipal or district assembly.

On completion of their course of study, the trainees would be charged to maintain the streetlights and other electrical needs of the various assemblies.

The minister also commended management of the company for deciding to include other Ghanaian youths in their training programmes since it would equip them with skills to become self-employed and further allow them to contribute their quota to national development.

He said it was in line with the government’s obligation to implement and enforce the law on local content that Prefos was awarded the contract to produce and maintain streetlights in the country.

As part of measures to address the acute energy crisis, Prefos would also train the youth in the design and building of solar panels and simple inverters which would be installed on streetlights, particularly those at locations far removed from urban centres and are also not connected to the national grid.

Prefos Limited is well tooled and has in stock large quantities of cables that are first laid underground for streetlights to be installed.

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