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After all the bragging; Big Borax musically dead?

Where at all is Big Borax, the Best Dancehall artiste in Ghana? In recent times, much has not been said of him likewise his music on either radio or even in the club and its driving me crazy.

I believe this is the right time for Big Borax to prove to all and sundry that he is indeed the Best Dancehall artiste in Ghana; much better than the likes of Samini, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Kaakie, MzVee, etc.

Dancehall music in Ghana has really come of age and as such, there is competition between the artistes who find themselves doing the music genre with the drive to outdo each other.

What this means is that any Dancehall artiste who is not able to do his or her best would find him or herself out of the music scene within a short period of time.

I was very happy when Big Borax, formerly Mr. Borax announced his return onto the music scene some months back. Few years back, he had a hit track 'aseeho' with Daddy Lumba but after some years, he went missing from the music scene.

In a bid to ensure that his return and presence is felt, Big Borax was all over the place granting interviews to various radio stations and promoting his new tune 'take off your pants'.

One distinctive feature about all his radio interviews was the fact that he bragged a lot even though his new song is nothing to be proud of. He was of the view that the likes of Samini and Shatta Wale are now superstars because he, Big Borax had not been around and was returning to take his rightful place, sidelining all of them.

Such a very bad approach of seeking publicity from Samini and Shatta Wale which unfortunately did not tickle either of his targets to respond to his empty claim.

I have been in this industry for quite some time and I know bragging is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. However, Big Borax bragged so much about his return even though he had nothing to show for it.

Anyways, how well is 'take off your pants' doing in terms of airplay? Are people realizing that Big Borax has indeed taken the music industry by storm?

Is Big Borax even relevant to the music industry anymore since he wore a bragging 'attire' in February 2014 and have not really felt his presence as at now?

Big Borax isn't a new artiste in Ghana but then he should put in more efforts if indeed he wants to be recognized as a top flight Dancehall artiste rather than depending on his past glory and fame which is totally unnecessary.

The best thing for him to do is to stop bragging and work harder and Ghanaians would recognize and respect him, that is if he is able to work harder and churn out hits after hits; afterwards he can decide to brag especially when he has hits to show for it.

But upon all his bragging, the only question I would ask is 'Where is Big Borax now?' and I laugh hard when I recollect his interview with Showbiz Xtra on Happy FM and Channel R.

I would keep on laughing at Big Borax till he is able to prove that he is indeed the Best Dancehall artiste in Ghana with his songs, albums and awards.

Big Borax where are you? Ghanaians need you to prove your claim as the Best Dancehall artiste in Ghana. I rest my case!!!

Source: Flex Newspaper
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