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Selly didnt loosen up Praye - Choirmaster

Upon her return from Big Brother Africa 8 dubbed 'The Chase', Selorm Ghalley aka has been rumored to have instigated the break-up of the Praye music group.

Selly who happens to be the girlfriend of Big J, a member of the Praye music group was heavily criticized by Ghanaians and some Africans for having slept with Nando at the Big Brother Africa house.

Majority of the people who believe she indeed slept with Nando suggested that Big J should end the relationship as well as reports that there was pressure from Big J's counterpart, Praye Honeho alias Choirmaster and his wife, actress Bervely Afaglo to jilt Selly.

Even though the Choirmaster denied any such thing or rift, the speculation went viral indicating that the once upon the time unified musicians were not on good terms.

In fact, many had earlier predicted that it was possible the group would loosen up after Praye Tintin, Kente's exit from the group barely 4 years ago for reasons best known to them.

Speaking on Vision 90.9FM, a Koforidua-based radio station last Sunday, Choirmaster told 'Arts and People' host, Kwame Dadzie that there was no way Selly could be the cause of the Praye group's break-up.

“We started Praye before Selly came and we've always been together so I don't see why anybody will link our break-up to Selly. We broke up as a group on a good note and we both decided to part ways and try our individual projects.We are still friends; Selly has nothing to do with our separation,” he affirmed.

Adding that his new single, 'Ghana's Most Beautiful' which has been adopted as the theme song for TV3's pageant,'Ghana Most Beautiful', is doing well and would be releasing some more singles at his birthday bash in Rockstone's Office on Saturday, July 26, 2014.

Meanwhile, the question most people are asking is whether or not Choirmaster would be able to stand alone and work successfully as a solo artiste; but from all indications, 'Ghana Most Beautiful' which features Dadie Opanka is doing well and only time will tell his fate for the future.

Source: Flex Newspaper
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