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High death rate recorded in Ghana's Showbiz Industry this year

It's quite sad to say this, but one important thing we all need to know is the fact that death is part of human life. Each and every one of us would die and that is a basic truth.

However, when somebody dies, it becomes very difficult to accept; death creates sadness, loneliness, hardship and all the negative things that you can think of.

In recent times, we have had the likes of Komla Dumor, Ronnie Coaches, Godwin Kotey, Kofi Ansah, Fenech Okyere, Dr.Paa Bobo, Nana Aba Asante and others losing their lives which seems to have thrown the entertainment industry into a state of uncertainty as to why all these deaths are coming up.

On March 12, 2014, the names of celebrities like Samini, Lil Win, Obour, Nadia Buari, Daddy Lumba, Prophet K.K.Kabobo and some other celebrities were mentioned by the Prophet in charge of El-Shaddai International Prayer Ministry, Samuel Baffoe that they would lose their lives.

The revelation by the prophet caused so much uproar in the entertainment industry.

However, some weeks back, Prophet Samuel Baffoe was again in the news when he mentioned that the named celebrities would no longer die. He made this known to Sammy Flex in an exclusive interview on Flex On Pluzz on 89.9fm.

That was good news for the entertainment industry but in the wake of the sudden and unexpected 'death' of Castro which was confirmed by his uncle even though his body has yet been found, the question on the lips of most people is 'why the sudden roll of death of our celebrities?

As mentioned earlier, death is part of human life but considering the frequency at which our celebrities are dying, it raises so many questions than answers.

One may not be sure what may be causing these deaths and whether these celebrities are dying at their rightful appointed times, but if these celebrities are really dying at their appointed times, then we can't question God as he knows what is best for each person.

It's also not so clear if these deaths are the works of the evil one but then if that's the case, what then can we say of Prophet Samuel Baffoe who noted that he has been consistently praying for our celebrities and that our celebrities won't die unexpectedly and unnecessarily?

Some people may even think that these deaths could be due to certain actions or inactions undertaken by these celebrities sometime in the past.

When I talk about actions and inactions, I am specifically talking about our artistes who indulge in black magic or juju. There are many artistes who indulge in juju and as such if they are not able to comply with some of the laid-down rituals or decided to opt out, death becomes their portion.

Do you remember the story I wrote some months back about Juju in the music industry? Kweku Bonsam even confirmed that many artistes come to him for help.

In the wake of Castro's disappearance, I am also reliably informed that many of our artistes associate themselves with occultism.

The issue of celebrities eliminating their colleagues through death all in the name of competition cannot also be ruled out. The pursuit for money, fame and recognition can lead anyone to desire the death of another celebrity.

At this point in time, so many reasons could be given for the deaths of our celebrities but which of these reasons can be substantiated in the individual cases of the deaths of our celebrities? It's quite unfortunate that our celebrities are dying and no one knows exactly what the reasons could be.

Each celebrity who is alive now would be wondering if he or she would be the next person to die and so I believe these celebrities would be at least happy if they have an idea about why their colleagues are dying.

The seeming 'death' of Castro is shocking and as we mourn him even though his body is yet to be found, let's continue asking ourselves 'Why are our celebrities dying?'

I pray that we get an answer to this question anytime soon. I rest my case.

Source: Flex Newspaper
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