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Majid Michel sidelined or on acting break?

When last did you see Majid Michel in any movie? Apparently, it appears that Ghana's finest actor has not been featuring in most movies like he used to, Flex newspaper's observation indicates.
Over the years, Majid Michel has proven his mettle in the field of acting and has won himself great spurs in what he does. Owing to this, one would have wished that with the kind of feat he has achieved in the film industry, he would have stayed relevant for some time.
I don't know if it is due to the fact that the plushy movies in which he stars have declined him in their production or he is just hanging his boots so soon.
Truth be told, Majid is one of the very few people who can really be described as an 'actor' in Ghana. This situation becomes a worry to the many movie lovers who like him for his contributing effort in putting Ghana on the world map.
If it is the system at present with plushy movies that has kept most of our movie stars including Majid Michel out from the silver screens, then this sends signals that we are losing it as a people when it comes to movie production.
Recently, due to the fact the strength of the English language are atrophying, there have been few movie producers trying to merge the Kumawwod and the plushy movie actors in one movie and I think that is a good way to go.
We need to sustain the industry but if movie producers would have little reason to dedicate their resources in producing these movies, then obviously we would be losing most of the great thespians in the country and that is a harbinger for disaster as far as film making in Ghana is concerned.
If it is Majid in person who has decided to lay low, then his numerous fans would want to plead on him to make up and make himself visible again. His time has not ended and should not end soon. There are more years ahead of him as an actor to be in this industry; a reason why he needs not to rest on his oars at all.
Majid harnessed his talent for acting in secondary school, where he was actively involved in theater and was a member of the school's Drama Club. Through that, he received a Best Actor Award in one of their performances on Emancipation Day in Cape Coast, Ghana.
Later, he enrolled in the Academy of Screen Arts which is affiliated with Ashesi University. Then he was invited by a director of a modeling agency cum producer to participate in a TV series titled 'Things We Do for Love'.
He got the name, Shaker from that set. This TV series marked the beginning of his success in the movie industry. His first movie titled 'Divine Love' also shot him up the ladder of success and made him a household name in Ghana.
He has also starred in movies such as 'Somewhere in Africa,' 'Heart of Men,' 'Guilty Pleasures,' 'Crime to Christ,' 'Tears of Womanhood,' 'Chelsea,' '4 Play,' 'Gangster,' 'Her Excellency' among a welter of others.
Majid has also won numerous awards in the Ghana Movie Awards, Africa Movie Academy Awards, GIAMA Awards and a host of others.
Source: Flex Newspaper
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