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Financial Strategy seminar series

Crystal Capital and Investments Limited, an Investment and Financial Advisory Firm, has announced the launch of its premier Financial Strategy Seminar Series to set the tone for what will definitely bring a solution to the longstanding puzzles of personal and corporate financial planning, strategic management, church-growth and development for both individuals and corporate institutions.

The maiden series, being organised in partnership with Infocus PR, a Public and Media Relations Consultancy firm, is scheduled for the 26th and 27thAugust, 2014 at the Executive Hall of Crystal Capital & Investments Limited and will run at the end of every month continuously for the next six (6) months.

Martin Ofori, the C.E.O of Crystal Capital & Investments Ltd., said that “in the field of management, one enduring thrill-concept is strategic planning. What has been missing is a cohesive and widely implemented approach to executing a strategy”. Strategy Execution Management, he said, provides a framework for effectiveness and efficiency within an organisation.

For decades we have been told that effective "business planning" is the key to organisational success. It certainly helps, but less often have we been told that even the best business plan is almost useless without an effective execution of the activities described in it. Competencies might be superb, but if they are not applied directly to execution of the strategy, they are less valuable then they might be, he added.

Recent research works suggest that companies having effective strategy execution management process are two-three times more likely to outperform their competitors than those that don't.

The three selected modules to be taught in the Strategy Seminar Series are: Strategy Execution Management Module; The Strategy Planning and Development session Module; and The Personal Financial Planning Module.

Participants at the end of the series will be able to successfully develop and execute strategies for both personal and corporate growth.

Crystal Capital & Investments Limited (CCI) is a Premier Emerging Markets Investment Management and Financial Advisory Firm specialising in Wealth Management, Capital Raising, Strategy and Management Consulting.

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