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FOKN BOIS speak on leaked sex tapes

Two sex tapes went viral on social media networks. One of the tapes captured a male and a female in a room having a good time whilst the other was done in a car, yesterday, Friday, July 23rd, 2014.
Although names of those engaged in the act have been mentioned, omgghana.com is not yet through with its investigation and so cannot confidently state the viral names mentioned.
Trust FOKN Bois to pass comments on anything that goes viral in this country, after all, freedom of speech.
Mensa and Wanlov who form the group FOKN Bois, have commented on the sex tapes which went viral yesterday and got social media networks buzzing.
This makes these social media network platforms the place to be when such issues come up.
A lot of information are spread faster than fire during periods like this, but most of them are false so be careful in those you consume.
The group through their facebook fan page mentioned names of the people involved and gave some descriptions of the act.
Read their post below:
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Source: omgghana.com
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