General News of 2014-07-27

Constant demonstrations will yield results – Casely-Hayford

Financial analyst and anti-corruption crusader, Sydney Casely-Hayford says demonstrations will only yield results when they are undertaken frequently.

He discounted assertions that the demonstration which was embarked on by organized labour will not achieve its intended purpose.

“People keep saying you are demonstrating to what purpose and this demonstration is not going to yield any results, there will be no effects and the answer is yes; there will be,” he said.

Organized labour on Thursday took to the streets in all regional capitals across the country to demand the effective management of the economy to ease hardships on Ghanaians.

Some have criticized the workers for embarking on this protest, which according to them, will not fix the socio-economic problems of the nation.

Some critics also suggested the use of dialogue between labour and government to resolve their grievances rather than demonstrating.

Speaking on Citi FM’s The Big Issue, Casely-Hayford urged organized groups and unions to “keep on with the demonstrations in whatever forms we can and we should keep challenging the things that have to be corrected in a country we can proudly say is governed properly.”

He insisted that the country currently needs good governance and so it is critical for citizens to keep focusing on issues which are preventing the nation from becoming “a truly democratic country.”

The anti-corruption crusader recommended that for state institutions to work efficiently and for corrupt public officials to be prosecuted, the Attorney General should be given the powers to prosecute.

He advocated for the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to be given prosecutorial powers “so that we can actually get some kind of sensible reaction CHRAJ.”

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