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Update: Facebook leaked tape guy bailed; girl not dead, apologizes

There is a new development from the infamous Kumasi-duo explicit tape that spread on social media like wildfire last week.
The young man in the video, Kumasi Polytechnic student Luchiez (nickname), who was alleged to have leaked the explicit tape on Facebook has had another video of him posted on Instagram celebrating his release from police custody.
As reported by omgghana.com, "Luchiez was released from prison and instead of changing his ways and showing remorse, he has released a video unto his Instagram page and his girlfriend is cheering him up like a hero".
They also reported that their investigation revealed: "The guy (Luchiez) is a friend of some group of guys who are into sakawa and he’s into music. The girl is actually the girlfriend of one of the guys and he managed to sleep with her. So it means the girl was cheating with two friends".
"So when the tape got leaked, the friend got him arrested for defamation but according to him, it was his ex-girlfriend who leaked the tape out of jealousy, he wasn’t aware. He was arrested on 23rd July and released on 25th July. According to him, the tape is an old video which was recorded somewhere in January", omgghana.com reported.
Meanwhile, the young lady involved who is a high school graduate has taken to Facebook to confirm that she wasn't dead as rumoured and took the opportunity to apologize to her parents and community for the embarrassment she has caused.
She wrote: "I'm most proud of the blessings that God has bestowed upon me, in my life. He's given me the vision to truly see that you can fall down, but you can still get back up. Hopefully I'll learn from my mistakes and have the opportunity to strengthen and improve the next thing I do. Secondly, I am here today to apologize for the personal mistakes I have made and the embarrassment I have caused. I make this apology to my neighbors and my constituents, but I make it particularly to parents. I am not here to explain anything to anyone.. We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past... We learn from failure, not from success! I am glad that I paid so little attention to your criticism...n pls m nt dead"
Only 30 minutes after posting the apology on Facebook, she has attracted close to 1000 comments with most of them comforting her over her predicament.
Source: GhanaWeb/ Additional text from omgghana
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