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Okpoti, Annan’s resignations good for K’Bu – Senior staff

The leadership of the Korle Bu Senior Staff Association (KOSSA) has expressed contentment over the resignation of the two board members of the hospital.

According to them, the resignation, which was long overdue, will allow for the restructuring of the hospital.

On Friday, the board chairman of the hospital, Eddie Annan resigned from his position on the board.

A day later, the dismissed acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who doubled as a board member, Rev. Okpoti Botchway, also resigned from his position on the board.

The association had for months been demanding the dismissal of Rev. Okpoti and the dissolution of the board for allegedly mismanaging the internally generated funds of the hospital and for alleged victimization of outspoken members of staff.

They embarked on a number of demonstrations to press home their demand and also petitioned the President to intervene in the matter.

The president of KOSSA, Charles Offei Palm, told Citi News the members of the association are “all happy that he has resigned.”

He said the two resignations automatically mean that the hospital has “averted the loss of lives that could have happened if we had gone on strike, so we are happy.”

Offei Palm expressed their willingness to work with a new board chairman to begin the process of reconciliation.

Below is a statement from KOSSA

Press Statement in Response to Eddie Annan’s Allegations of the Existence of Mafia in Korle Bu

The Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Senior Staff Association wishes to express its deepest appreciation to H.E. President John Mahama for the removal of Messrs Eddie Annan and Okpoti Botchway as Board Chair and acting CEO of the hospital respectively.

We believe it was a timely move and intervention to save Korle Bu from further decline and worsening conditions for the delivery of healthcare to our patients which has been caused mainly by weak board leadership, disregard for established rules and the board’s tendency for self service.

When Mr Annan was appointed we were hopeful that as a person who was deeply experienced in the private sector, he would have brought the expected rich experience to bear on the fortunes of the hospital. We were, however, disappointed when the focus of the board shifted from the core functions of the hospital and concentrated largely on procurement and financial issues, emoluments for board and management as well as replacement of officers in key positions to gain effective stranglehold.

KOSSA is thus surprised that even in his supposed ‘resignation’ Mr Annan still refers to money making blocs and mafia in Korle Bu and offering to help in dismantling it. This allegation is baseless and provocative and an insult to the generality of the hard working, honest and committed staff of the hospital. What KOSSA knows is that if there is any mafia or money making blocs in Korle Bu, His Excellency, the President and staff of the hospital stopped its formation with the dismissal of Mr Annan and the Reverend. We are well aware of the keen interest and active involvement of Mr Annan in the attempts to deplete the drug account to procure just 10 percent of our drug requirements.

We are certain that the attack on the Pharmacy Department and its staff was because of their professional advice and resistance to the indecent and imprudent quest of the board chairman to take over drug procurement in the hospital.

Senior staff have completely lost confidence in Mr Annan’s ability and competence and will not tolerate his involvement in any operations of the hospital henceforth because of the following:

1) Splashing of GhC1 million on luxury cars when there are severe care delivery challenges such as water supply

2) The giving away of cars worth nearly GhC500,000.00 to retired Directors for no reason

3) Engagement of board members in conflict of interest transactions eg Diplomatic Travel and Tours owned Rev Okpoti

4) The usurping and illicit involvement of Mr Annan in the management of the hospital

5) Involvement of the Mr Eddie Annan in cronyism and illegal appointments in the hospital

6) The penchant to refer to staff as thieves but in reality he squabbles with others for contractors

7) Attempts he is making to stop the special forensic audit into the operations of the Rev Albert Botchway and the board.

8) Clear attempts to take over drug procurement even when it is not in the interest of patients and against professional advice.

It was because of the above and other shady deals of the Eddie Annan-led board that, made KOSSA to call for a forensic audit into the tenure of the board and activities of Rev Botchway in our petition to the President John Mahama. Mr Annan has however tried to limit the forensic audit to only pharmacy. As we requested the audit should cover the activities of Rev. Botchway and the board. This demand is non-negotiable.

We believe Korle Bu is one of the best state institutions we have in Ghana where people break their backs and work selflessly to save lives. If all other institutions work as we do and with the needed resources, our dear country will be a better place.

If Mr Annan is not being disingenuous in his description of Korle Bu as mafia ridden place, he should support KOSSA’s call for forensic audit into the operations of the hospital while he was in charge. We are committed to the forensic audit of the hospital during his tenure and will demand that sanctions be applied to whoever that may be implicated even if they are senior members or associated with KOSSA.

Thank you.


Charles Ofei-Palm

KOSSA President

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