General News of 2014-07-29

America to deny corrupt officials visas

Corrupt government officials from Ghana and all over Africa will be denied visas into the United States as part of moves by the US to clamp down on corruption in Africa.
The move, which was initially only applicable to only a number of African countries, will now cover all. Africa has been battling with corruption for decades.
The West has been heavily criticised by civil society organizations for not doing enough to help the continent deal with the matter, among others.
Most of Africa’s corrupt officials spend and stash their booty in the West.
But the Principal Deputy Assistant secretary at the department of state’s bureau of African Affairs for the US, Robert Jackson, told Citi FM’s Vivian Kai Mensah that America will not issue visas to government officials in Africa that are corrupt.
‘We are not giving visas to them anymore.’
Meanwhile, about forty African leaders, including Ghana’s John Mahama, will be meeting with US President, Barack Obama, next week for the US-Africa Leaders Summit.
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