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Pratt & Bombande should apologise to wontumi-NDC MEMBER

Months ago when the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the largest opposition party in Ghana, NPP, Bernard Antwi Boasiako (alias Chairman Wontumi) predicted citizens uprising in the country similar to that of the Arab up-spring that swept through some Arab countries including Tunisia, many including the famous and seasoned journalist Kwasi Pratt strongly chastised and criticized him for what they considered to be a threat to the country’s peace and stability. Others including a security expert Emmanuel Bombande were even of the opinion that, the statement by the NPP regional Stalwart constituted a treasonable offence and a threat to peace, adding that the peaceful political atmosphere in Ghana should send a signal that the country is not ready for an uprising. Subsequently, it was rumored that the National Security outfit, headed by Larry Gbevlo-Lartey, consequently ordered Mr. Antwi-Boasiako, aka Wontumi, to appear before it for questioning and possible arrest on April 8, 2014, but it later turned out to be a fiasco as the National security issued a statement denying haven invited him at all. In all, some influential members of my own party members, the NDC joined the fray and called him all sort of names WONTUMI’S STATEMENT Chairman Wontumi threatened to lead a mammoth demonstration of millions of people in Kumasi and other parts of the country against President Mahama for mismanaging the affairs of the country. The NPP chairman, who was addressing his NPP faithfuls at Obuasi, lambasted President Mahama's administration for being the cause of poverty in the country. He said the Capitation System of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), which was introduced by the NDC administration, was sending more people to their graves, noting that school fees are high and the country was without hope now. Wontumi said he would lead the masses to hit the streets and put intense pressure on President Mahama until he stepped down (http://www.myjoyonline.com/politics/2014/April-2nd/we-will-bring-arab-springs-to-ashanti-region-chairman-wontumi-promises-1-million-man-demonstration.php) as President to save Ghanaians from their ordeal. AFTERMATH Few weeks after the threat, the NPP chairman gave meaning to his threat, when with the support of his party organized what was described by many pundits and social commentators as the biggest demonstration by the Ghanaian citizenry in recent times, after the famous “Kume Preko” Ironically Mr. Emmanuel Bombande of WANEP who had earlier lambasted the NPP chairman for his comments shamefully turned round to warn the Mahama administration of a possible revolution in the country if workers concerns are not adequately addressed. My obvious question to Bombande is what is the political difference between Chairman Wontumi’s uprising and the possible revolution he fears? Subsequently, several workers groups have intermittently been organizing either strikes or demonstrations to press home for better working conditions. The Peak of them all was the unprecedented demonstration organized by the labour unions simultaneously across the country. As if that is not enough, the Polytechnic teachers Association of Ghana (POTAG) are and indeed remain on strike while their University counterparts (UTAG) joined last week. Now for the first time ever in our political history we have Chiefs (Eastern Regional house of Chiefs) protesting to government over what they described as neglect of their roads It has also been reported that the Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana have also planned to hold a demonstration by end of July. Now if these and many others that time and space might not permit me to enumerate cannot precipitate an uprising as Wontumi predicted then what can? For me as an NDC, I feel my party and government for that matter need to appreciate and acknowledge the genuine concerns of its people and admit that if turns are not done right the situation could explode and get out of hand. Let such other people as Kwasi Pratt and Bombande leave us to acknowledge our problems and deal with it and stop the hypocrisy and sycophancy that has the potential to upset Ghanaians and instigate them against us Let Kwasi and Bombande eat a humble pie and apologies to the young regional Chairman, because in my opinion he rather waked us up from our slumber and didn’t deserve to be crucified. Dr. Muftau Adam (Ph.D. philosophy) Washington D.C Email: muftauadam@gmail.comSource: GHP
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