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Interview: Why Panji says he is gay

Artistic Director, Producer, Fixer and C.E.O. of Pidgen Music, Panji Anoff has made what some describe as a not so shocking revelation that he is gay; in a post on his Facebook Timeline on Monday, July 28, 2014. The post read:I wish to announce today that I am gay, so that all the people who don't want a gay friend on facebook, can unfriend me now. I will miss you all, but I think it will make my facebook world a better place. And to those of you who vex because I no fit accept your friend request, soon come se'en??.
Speaking to the Nkrumahist,, Panji Anoff told Ghanaweb Entertainment that he believes in freedom, “that is my own decision, my choice which I don’t think it affects anybody negatively so nobody should come and preach morality to me or tell me I am wrong with my choice.”
“So, even if what I am doing is not good in your eyes; how does it affect you and what impact is it having on you? If it doesn’t affect you, then it’s no crime; remember if there’s no victim, there is no crime. There are more issues to think about than allowing some things push attention away from the serious victims,” Panji cautioned.
According to him, he is not just preaching for peace but “we all need freedom; every human being needs freedom. I’m not the only one, but we have to know that where our freedom ends, begins somebody‘s freedom; so if what I am doing doesn’t affect you in any way, then it’s my right as an individual to make befitting decisions.
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Panji's Facebook post

Unless what I am doing is affecting you in any way, just like I can challenge you when you are doing something that affects me because it is having an impact on me. For instance, in Ghana, we are happy seeing Police personal walk in town with guns clinged by his side yet that is not illegal enough, but we have to think morally.”
When asked if his revelation about being gay was rather to identify the real friends and people in his life among other understandings; he asked “does it make a difference? Well, I want everybody to think about the implications my update will become with so if it is true, what does it mean?”
“Well, to some extent, it indeed has other meanings. It is to help pick out the real friends so those who are not my friends should go away and those who still want me as a friend, should stay.
But, unfortunately, what I thought this revelation would help me have my Facebook friends list reduced by 300 0r 500, is not yielding my expectation,” he declared.
“I thought the mode of discrimination leveled against gay practices would have helped me out and earn me the same criticism but that’s not happening. With this feedback, those afraid to make public their sexuality, the impact isn’t that serious as it seem,” Panji chorused.
Asked of the reactions from the controversial FOKN Bois, Panji said “No, no, I don’t think they would comment on it neither Wanlov nor M3nsa because they are thinking people unlike some people who don’t think and believe in everything they hear and see.
Sometimes, people have to use their own common sense to find the truth and understand what something they hear or see means, but technology has overshadowed many real and thinking minds.”
While some of his close pals find his post funny based on his women-hunting character, others see it as no surprise as a member of his very own controversial due artistes, FOKN Bois’; Wanlov has been tagged as pro-gay several times.
Many concluded that Wanlov is gay, after an update on his Facebook Timeline on January 16 among his other updates on gay practices. Read below;
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Meanwhile, Panji Anoff has been married with kids. His wife and kids are not perturbed about his gay revelation.
He is the manager of producers and thinkers including King Ayisoba, Wanlov the Kubolor, M3nsa Ansah, Yaa PONO, King Luu, Mutombo the Poet, Atsu Numadzi, Mawuko Kuadzi.
He is also collectively responsible for the world’s first Pidgen Musical movie, ‘Coz Ov Moni’, creators of ‘High Vibes Music Festival’, ‘Culture Caravan’, Associate Producer of ‘Back Home Again (35mm 1994)’, Technical Producer of Kwame Nkrumah Centenary Pan African Concert, ‘Catwalk the World", AU Summit, Big In Ghana, etc.
Source: Ama Larbie - GhanaWeb
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