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Exclusive Events Ghana rushes to host Miss Ghana 2014

Despite all the wrangling and dustup over the Miss Ghana beauty pageant, Razz Newspaper gathers that, organizers of the event, Exclusive Events are feverishly putting things in place to organize the 2014 edition of the pageant.

With just four months left to the end of the year, the organizers is hipped with much pressure to groom a new winner for the Miss World pageant slated for December in London, as well as put things in place to hold auditions and go through the long process of organizing the 2014 edition of the pageant.

With the hubbub that has characterized the pageant recently, many thought that this year’s edition of Miss Ghana 2014 may not come off but Razz Newspaper investigations have it that; the 2014 edition of Miss Ghana will surely come off.

According to sources, the organizers have started preparations to launch this year’s edition, seeking venue and putting other equally important things together for this year’s Miss Ghana to see the light of the day.

The consoling part of the findings is that, some corporate bodies have already confirmed their pledges to Exclusive Events Ghana to sponsor the coming event – both in cash and kind and Products.

Sources claim that some of the current sponsors who are privy to some facts regarding the controversy between the organizers and the winners of the 2013 edition are not excited.

The sponsors, who have supported Exclusive Events Ghana since the takeover of the franchise, are of the opinion that; the latter could have nipped the problems in the bud before the issues got out of hand.

Finally, the organizers claim that, 15 out of over 150 ladies who called on their office with hopes of being crowned and groomed as a replacement for Miss Ghana 2013 to participate in the Miss World pageant – have been screened, and the winner will be announced soon.

In another developments, lawyers of the ultimate winner of Miss Ghana 2013, Miss Guissipena Baafi, have sent a letter to Exclusive Events Ghana, asking them to reinstate all the privileges Miss Baafi is entitled to before the organizers stripped her off the crown.

The letter also orders the organizers to retract their press release which stated that Miss Baafi resigned on her own as well as retract all the disparaging remarks made against her in the media.

According to Miss Baafi’s counsel, failure on the part of Exclusive, Event Ghana will cause them to drag the latter to court to test the law.

Though Exclusive Events Ghana has received the letter, they are yet to make any response – whether they stand by their actions or conducts by going to court or would humbly lick back their own vomit.

Source: Razz Newspaper
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