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Agyemang Prempeh, Dr. Cann cautioned not to start media war

Earlier this year, renowned broadcast journalist, Kwasi Aboagye joined my entertainment show, Arts and People on Vision 90.9FM in Koforidua and proffered a splendid advice to radio presenters that 'lions don't eat lions' and this was lauded by most well-meaning creative industry stakeholders.

I thought his advice was one that went down well with industry players, but it seems some radio presenters would rather spite each other than live in harmony. I have realized that some people are enthused about winning awards that they don't care to hurt their colleagues in their bid to grab awards.

Just last week Saturday, as I minded my business when I was informed that Happy 98.9 FM's studio was 'on fire' when Happy FM Programmes Manager, Charles Osei Asibey and host of Showbiz Xtra, Dr. Cann, who were casting aspersions on the organizers of the Radio and Television Personality Awards.

The two, questioned an award given Quophi Okyeame as Drive Time Host last year. their castigation, I was told premised on the fact that there were big guys like Fiifi Banson and Abeiku Santana, who works at Peace FM and Okay FM respectively had bigger platforms than he, the awardee; Okyeame Quophi's Rainbow Radio 87.5.

And that those with the bigger platforms should rather have won that slot but unfortunately for me, I could not personally listen to the show, Showbiz Xtra, which its outfit, Happy FM has from the beginning of this year, has no coverage in Koforidua where I reside.

But what happened on Showbiz Xtra, hosted by Dr. Cann the said day, I am sure, didn't godown well with Agyemang Prempeh alias Agyengo of Rainbow Radio, who in turn on his show, GH Entertainment to fire back at Dr. Cann and Charles Osei Asibey.

According to Agyemang whom I listened to and watched personally, Charles Osei Asibey's take on the issue discussed was flabby because Happy FM had also won RTP awards before, in categories they contested with big guys from bigger stations than Happy FM.

To me, Agyengo had a valid point but his mood, diction, tone and demeanor was more of revenge, and it reeked of extreme bitterness. I am one person who believes that we need not use our media platforms to wage war against each other.

I think it is about time, and we as radio presenters stopped showing our bitterness with awards presented to our competitors because one day, it might be our turn. Other people outside our turf can remonstrate but when we do it ourselves, it sounds overly mischievous.

Should Dr. Cann fire back at Agyengo, one could imagine what would happen? I am appalled at the whole situation, and I don't want this to happen again. If you don't win an award, you won't die. If people will scheme to win awards, leave them alone.

I am one of those who have, over the years, had a lot of problems with Prince Mackay and the way he went about organizing the RTP Awards. I have been insulted and derided several times for stating my opinion on what could be done to better the Radio and Television Personality Awards but in as much as I do that, I raised pertinent issues devoid of emotions.

The thing is that everybody believes that he or she is better than the other person. In fact, even though Kwasi Aboagye says 'lions should not eat lions,' some lions are trying to eat other lions, tigers and elephants.

Some presenters are waxing overly arrogant and feeling bigger than they are. As far as the Radio and Television Personality Awards remain a human institution, it would still come with controversies. People will not be happy for not winning awards no matter how many corrections the organizers make with the awards.

Of course, Prince Mackay has challenges. He has been struggling to overcome these challenges, and it appears as the years go by, his challenges multiply. However, we can still give him some time to make his corrections.

We can criticize him as usual but in our bid to do so, let's not try to impugn the reputation of people who receive awards from his outfit.

Source: Flex Newspaper
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