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Heartless well educated people in kulfuo

My brothers and sisters, friends and enemies, I believe in the spirit of brotherhood of man, all men, but I don't believe in the brotherhood with anybody who doesn't want brotherhood with me. I believe in treating people right but I'm not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn't know how to reciprocate the treatment. The philanthropic attitude of natives towards their community development is not uncommon for both the lettered and non-lettered people.
It is unrestrained disgust I shed blood with some well educated individuals who ought to have been a bit of helpful towards the development of our community Kulfuo. I found myself in a society that the well educated people especially in my compound with uncouth behaviour and ungodly heart to assist the community often called for some bad reaction towards us. Hope someone will tell Fusieni, Ibrahim and Shaibu that their unwillingness nature to help the community in terms of development is very bad and doesn't help at all.
I must applaud Bukari Kassim Baluri for his philanthropic deeds towards the development of the community in diverse ways. Your willingness gesture to always help the community in terms of infrastructure is something some of us cherish. You have bought material items for the clinic, Eg Funs and wiring of the entire clinic, the mosque wouldn't have been completed without your contribution. Almost all the old men and women rooms in the community are connected with solar lights courtesy your effort.
Again, all things being equal, you are working towards putting up a community day care centre for the community. Notwithstanding this the only thing you have far neglected is your dishearten habit regarding human resources development. I say this without any malice intention because, I'm yet to be told any single person you have helped in terms of job. All in all you have done a wonderful and a remarkable work for the community may the GOOD LORD BLESS You in all your endeavours.
It is highly dishearten and heart-warming that you can't figure point anything Nansia Ali Shaibu, Liman Ibrahim, Ba-adei Alidu Ibrahim and others aside Liman Fuseini who has also donated 20 to 40 bags of cement for the construction of the Mosque. Liman Fuseini known as Rocky you still need to do much more than this. The quintessence of education is being able to contribute your quota towards the improvement or encroachment of your people. Kuoro Alhaji Tortimmah Ali Nansia V of blessed memory ever said being wealthy and honoured in a different place without helping your people is a disgrace to humanity.
Written by Prince Justice Ali: The Sentimental Advocate For Development and Director of Communications of Young Democrats Sissala East Constituency.
Cell: 0204803328.
Source: Ali, Prince Justice
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