Sports News of 2014-08-02

Ghana athletes threaten to seek asylum in Scotland

Reports gathered in Glasgow indicates that members of Ghana's athletics team participating in the on-going Commonwealth Games have threatened that they would not leave Scotland after the competition if the remainder of their per diem is not paid before the closing ceremony this Sunday.
The athletes are supposed to get an allowance of $3,500 each as per diem, but they have so far received $2,400 each.
They are therefore making a demand of the remaining $1,100 each, else they would be compelled to ‘seek asylum’ after the Games.
They revealed that what they have received so far are the pre-Games per diem, and are yet to receive what is due them for the tournament.
“We want them to give us the remainder of our per diem; we mean the $1,100. If we don’t get it, we will not leave this country. We are entitled to it so they should give it to us,” one of the athletes said.
Ghana have failed to shine in the ongoing 11-day sporting event, clinching just a bronze medal in judo so far.
Source: Daily Guide
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