General News of 2014-08-03

Sam George: Akufo-Addo is clueless at its best

A member of the governing National Democratic Congress’s (NDC) communication team, Mr. Samuel Nartey George has posited that Nana Addo has demonstrated a towering level of cluelessness in suspending his campaign.

He argued that if the twice defeated presidential candidate suspended his campaign because he has just discovered that the EC, based on a case he (Nana Addo) personally supported to pursue in the Supreme Court has had to reschedule it registration period, then his cluelessness is on the high side.

Addressing delegates on Tuesday during his campaign launch, the 2012 presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Addo described the ‘Better Ghana’ slogan of the NDC as an “empty and a cynical mantra,” adding that the NDC administration is “clueless and incompetent."

According to him, “there can never be a better Ghana when higher taxes, high utility prices, high fuel prices, low sales are killing businesses up and down the country, when our young people can’t find jobs, when the government has lost touch with the people and dances to the tune of ‘yen tie obiaa.’

In an interview with Alhassan Suhuyini on Alhaji and Alhaji on Saturday, Sam George asserted that “can Nana Addo prove to any Ghanaian who wants to do proper analysis of his timing that he is competent and has a clue about what he is doing”?

“Before he launched his campaign, the EC had already announced the date for the new registration, but our ‘full-of-clue’ and competent Nana Addo could not realise it importance… he has to hit the field and occasioned the death of a young form one secondary school lady, after which he called off the campaign. ‘Cluelessness’ at its best," he bewailed.

Sam George also believes that Nana Addo paused his campaign because he wanted to organise a welcome party for Eric Amoateng, a former NPP Member of Parliament, who was arrested for drug trafficking in 2005 in the United States and jailed for drug trafficking.

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