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Nite of 1018 Laughs: Wow DKB, what a dazzling performance!

THE first question was whether DKB would be able to deliver on the night which also featured some of the leading comedians from Nigeria. The second was whether he would be able to represent the Ghanaian comedian very well in a manner that would ensure that they are given the opportunity in subsequent shows to perform.

In my preview of the show I indicated why it was very important that DKB would rise to the occasion to deliver an impressive performance not only for his own sake (to clear the doubt people have about his comedy abilities), but most importantly for the sake of the entire local comedy industry.

Since DKB slapped a fellow housemate in the Big Brother house and was kicked out the joke has always been on him and that gets talked about more than his comedy acts or any of the ventures he has been in since that incident.

For instance, one of my Facebook friends had posted that she was preparing to go to the show until she noticed that DKB was on the bill and decided to stay away. That encapsulates the doubt that most of his compatriots have about DKB and his comedy hence the need for him to do well to silence everyone once and for all.

Saturday night arrived. The show had started earlier and there had been one music performance and one comedy performance before GhOne presenter and host for the night Amanda Jissih introduced DKB as the next performer.

Amanda hit him on the bum as they went past each other on the stage. That and the fact that the applause for his introduction was muted must have unnerved DKB a bit as he stood on the stage to try to make the almost 2,000 people he would call compatriots laugh for the next 30 minutes or so.

You could hear a pin drop when the DKB show got underway. You could feel the nerves. You could cut the tension in the auditorium of the Accra International Conference Centre with a blunt bread knife as everybody waited for the big punch lines.

Predictively and rightly as an ice breaker his first joke was about the ordeal he had to go through since he slapped Zainab in the BBA house. But it wasn’t funny or at least the audience thought it wasn’t and so didn’t laugh much. It did not bother DKB as he moved on to the next joke.

At this stage the tension had gone down. DKB found the line of jokes his audience like and he virtually fed them from his palm. He realized that playing up the ethnic, tribal and quasi-religious idiosyncratic nature of the Ghanaian was working like magic and so he hammered it.

He made jokes about Gas, Ashantis, Ewes, Zongo boys and even had a few thrown at the politicians. His narration of how Rawlings would react to the person who said “tweaa” while he was delivering a speech at a KVIP inauguration was fantastic and even more fantastic was how Mahama would have responded to that by increasing prices of goods.

At this stage the audience was laughing at every single joke he cracked as they couldn’t help it anymore. Some, including yours truly, couldn’t help but give an occasional standing ovation when the joke hit home very strongly.

DKB came on the stage, he saw the audience, he was nervy from the start, but by the time he was done with his show he had conquered every single one of them. As he brought his show to an end, a sizeable number of his compatriots in the auditorium stood up to give DKB a resounding applause on his wonderful performance.

If there was any criticism about his performance on the night it had to be the fact that he over did the vulgar jokes. One or two would have been okay but he rode his luck by dropping a few more than was necessary. But since no one complained in the audience it’s probably okay.

My initial grading of DKB’s performance was an 8/10 but after watching all the performances and reflected on them as I was driving home I revised that to give him an 8.2/10 for an absolutely fantastic performance!

The first comedy act on the night was by Funny Bone who did very well with his jokes. His reintroduction of himself when he didn’t get the needed applause the first time from the audience was a rehashed joke but it still cracked the audience so much.

He held the audience spellbound from the beginning till the very end when his depiction of a typical western love song and a West African version left almost every single audience member on the floor. On my scorecard Funny Bone managed a 7.5/10 score.

Until last Saturday night Dan D’Humorous had not performed in Ghana or I had not seen him perform until then. However, when he mounted the stage in his brown jacket over white shirt and black pants and brown shoes, he exuded confidence.

His confidence, tone of voice and style came across to me as a younger Gordons with hair on his head. He had new jokes and old jokes and he delivered both very well to draw huge laughter from the audience. For example, the joke about the guy who decided to marry a Fulani girl and was whipped on the back with “koboko” instead of paying bride price was “passco” but well delivered. He scored 8/10 on my card.

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