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Ghanaians in USA still have confidence in Mahama – NDC washington

Contrary to perceived mass discontentment of Ghanaians in the diaspora against the John Dramani Mahama Government, the Washington Metro Area Of concerned Ghanaians living abroad has indicated that His Excellency John Mahama can still count on their unflinching support.

It is recalled that on 23 July 2014, a small group calling itself Ghanaians Against Bad Governance (GABG) staged a demonstration in front of Ghana’s mission in Washington DC. The group in their protest statement gave an erroneous impression that they represented the totality of Ghanaians in the USA.

A group of concerned Ghanaians, in reaction, has called the action of GABG as a mischievous propaganda machination devised to humiliate and mislead the reading and listening public. This group opposition to the President can only come from NPP and persons opposed to the NDC Government. Many Ghanaians who saw the protest have described the protestors as ‘an insignificant section of Ghanaians in the USA whose actions were clearly a product of the grand mischievous propaganda machinations aimed at making Ghana ungovernable.

“We have no doubt that the persons behind the so-called GABG are aligned to Ghana’s opposition elements whose sole desire is to paint Ghana black in the eyes of the international community but I can assure you that they are insignificant. How could 35 or so hired and paid actors represent the over thousands of Ghanaians in the Washington Metro Area, let alone the entire USA, hell no. What they forget to realize is the world is now a global village and no amount of lies, deception and political sabotage can dissuade well-meaning development partners from fulfilling their commitments.” A leading member of the Ghanaian community said in his disgust and surprise.

Our country Ghana, like every nation, is not insulated from the global economic order. Every country go through turbulent economic periods. Ghana is not the first and will not be the last. Therefore the impression being created as if the current economic challenges facing the country are the sole result of bad governance is very erroneous and unfortunate, if not mischievous” He continued continued.

According to the statement, Ghanaians in the diaspora by their experiences are very discerning and will continue to join the nation in making the needed sacrifices with strong optimism that the nation will bounce back. “JDM should rest assured that we are relentless in our support of his government. Our prayers shall continue to go for him and the nation. We shall continue to contribute our bits through our remittances to assist in sustaining the situation. We still have confidence in the BETTER GHANA AGENDA” He concluded.

It is obvious that although Ghana is going through stressful economic times, a large majority of the Ghanaians in the USA, in particular, are optimistic of better days ahead and further appreciate the efforts the NDC government is making not only to reverse the economic downturn but also to keep its electoral campaign promises.

We pray and hope that, President Mahama NDC led administration will prevail as they’ve always in the past. We challenge these 35 member group calling themselves “GABG” show prove of their membership and who they represent. As far as some of us are concerned, they do not represent the thousands of Ghanaians living here in the United States. But to create the impression that that they are speaking for the majority of us is seriously misguided. They must give the world tangible evidence of any act or commissions that will be called bad governance on the part of the President.

President John Mahama is busy trying to get investment opportunities to the country while the other side is willing to destroy all his efforts as far as writing letters to donors (investors) and the World Bank to deny the country these vital economic facilities in the interest of their quest for political power.

We, the concerned Ghanaians here have seen it all. We believe that, the NPP and their representatives are destroying the image of the country and in effect “shooting themselves in the foot”. The quiet majority of us cannot imagine that, some of our colleagues could be so naïve that, Ghanaians won’t see through these lies. We have absolute confidence in President John Mahama’s ability to get the job done for all Ghanaians


Charles Manu .. Concerned Ghanaians (U.S.A)

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Source: Charles Manu
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