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Castro’s discovery wahala; what triggered the JQ’s Facebook update

Although the body of Hiplife artiste, Castro is yet to be found alive or dead along with his lady friend, Janet Bandu, information reaching GhanaWeb Entertainment states that there is an ongoing silent brawl between Hiplife music group, 4x4’s Captain Planet and music producer, Jay Q.

According to our source who happens to be a very close pal of then Buk Bak, at the early stages of the mysterious disappearance of the Hiplife artiste; she happened to stumble on a programme dubbed ‘Anansekrom’, hosted by Mark Okraku Mante on Adom TV Channel on Multi- Tv.

The show on that edition had DJ Amess as a panel and in the course of the show, Captain Planet of 4x4 was called over the phone to contribute and share some of the good times he had with Castro who happens to go mysteriously missing since July 6, 2014.

Speaking to our source, she lamented, “I was very surprised when Captain Planet said that it was he (Captain Planet) who discovered Castro with the song ‘Siklit3l3’ way back in the 2000 which has no truth in it. To be honest with you, I was shaken by Planet’s words. ‘Sradinam’ made Castro known not ‘Siklit3l3’.”

“I was there when they all started, those days when the Buk Bak was very active and had Abortion now Coded, Bright, Captain Planet and the late, Ronnie Coaches as its members, including Castro, Shilo, Screwface, Nkasei, Nakay, etc. were all discovered Jay Q on his platinum compilation. I could not believe Planet has forgotten this so soon,” she declared.

She further noted “the 4x4 group was born out of Buk Bak; it was represented by Abortion now Coded and Captain Planet who had their first album worked on by Jay Q, even the ‘Siklit3l3’ song they featured Castro later brought about a conflict between the duo and Castro.

They did not want Castro a part of the 4x4 group, they also argued about sharing stage with him whenever they had to perform the ‘Siklit3l3’ song,” she lamented.

She indicated that she could not take Captain Planet’s Castro discovery revelation hence “I called Jay Q who for all these years has been one person that Castro overruled the wise saying that ‘3nky3 na nnipa wurafi na ash3 ase’ (people so easily forget the people who pushed them while climbing and where they started).

Castro will always call on Jay Q whenever he needs musical advice or advice on how to go about some things, Castro was such a humble person.”

“I also called Agyingo who happened to have known Castro from Takoradi who introduced him to Jay Q and started working with him. Castro never forgot where he started his music career, and I don’t think he would ever have forgotten,” she grieved.

With the ongoing silent brawl, the renowned music producer, among other reasons made public the brawl taking the opportunity of its being exactly a month after the ‘Sradinam’ hitmaker, Castro’s mysterious disappearance updated on his Facebook Timeline yesterday, August 3, 2014.

Read the post below which ends with these words, “This is the true Story of the Discovery of Castro and his entry to the Ghana music industry”. Read update below;

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Post by Jay Q Ghana.

GhanaWeb Entertainment that had earlier gotten in touch with Jay Q before his Facebook update yesterday sounded very disappointed in Captain Planet lamenting that “even before my then assistant, Agyengo introduced Castro to me.

He used to sit right beside where I used to pack my car, but I had no idea of who he was although I had previously seen him around anytime I get to the studio area.”

“I didn’t expect these words from Planet as he knows perfectly that he did not discover Castro; the 4x4 music group only featured him (Castro) on their ‘Sikilit3l3’ song.

That song was on their debut album that I produced and financed while my platinum compilation was being worked on at the same time,” he lamented.

“Due to his outstanding voice, the then manager of my Q-Lex Entertainment Label, Charles Asare aka Chakua named him, Castro Destroyer.

Speaking to Agyengo, the main source of Castro’s discovery, who sounded flatly disgusted by Captain Planet’s words about discovering the mysteriously missing Hiplife artiste, Castro onto the Ghanaian music scene in 2000.

“There was one former big time music producer in the States, FrimPrince Music who showed interest in Castro’s ability on ‘Sradinam’ and that was his breakthrough.”

“It is very unfortunate that FrimPrince Music stopped music production years ago before this day, but indeed Captain Planet never discovered Castro, where did he know Castro before his music group featured him on their ‘Siklit3l3’ song? he sternly asked.

“Truth be told; it was through me Castro got to know Jay Q; myself and Jay Q upon realizing that he had an outstanding voice put him out there. The same Jay Q helped captain Planet and his group putout their first album. This is sheer ungratefulness!” Agyengo grieved.

GhanaWeb Entertainment contacted Captain Planet on his take on the matter, and he had this to say, “I don’t want to say anything about it, the guy (Castro) is dead so let’s allow him rest.”

Yesterday, August 3, 2014, marked exactly a month; exactly the first Sunday of August although the 6th day of the month falls on Wednesday when the missing misery of Hiplife artiste, Castro and his lady friend occurred at Aqua Safari during jet skiing on the Ada estuary.

Upon all this, the body of Castro is yet to found alive or dead; why the discovery misunderstanding?

Listen below Castro’s 'discovery' song, ‘Sradinam’featuring Tripple M:

Source: Ama Larbie - GhanaWeb
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